When santa claus brings depilatory cream

When Santa Claus brings depilatory cream

Eggs, depilatory cream and cucumber – the children looked quite silly out of the wash when santa claus stood in front of them. The absent-minded grandfather, played by natascha eckert, had mixed up the shopping list with the wish list. The result was an unusual gift that brought cheer to the christmas party of the mainleus chapter of the workmen's welfare association in the multi-generation house.

The sketch was the brainchild of stephanie busch, natascha eckert, fiona geyer, franziska pfreundner and miriam zeller from the "flashlights" awo-garde.

Of course, the real santa claus, played by willi pohlmann from wirsberg, also dropped by. He distributed not only gifts, but also praise and blame.

Pastor michael schaefer told of a star that, after a trip to earth, realizes that its place is in the firmament of heaven. With this in mind, he advised the audience to "change your view and think about what you are here for, so that in the end you can be sure that everyone has their place on earth." Detlef kuhl, who tells the story of the "sigh of a housewife encouraged the audience not to let the pre-christmas stress get them down.

Chairwoman adelheid wich delighted with poems and stories for the christmas season.

Mayor robert bosch, who wrote the poem "die stille zeit" (the silent time) wished all the listeners to find their inner peace.

Awo district manager elisabeth weith praised the voluntary and social commitment in the local association.

Klaus pfreundner, known from the dance band "radspitz, played christmas tunes on his accordion, to which the visitors joyfully sang along.

The ladies from the senior citizens' meeting had knitted socks, hooked animal figurines and sewn hearts. This and much more was on sale at a small christmas bazaar. 


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