Kramp-karrenbauer does not rule out hormus mission

Kramp-karrenbauer does not rule out hormus mission

Defense minister annegret kramp-karrenbauer (CDU) does not rule out in principle the participation of the german armed forces in a european protection mission for merchant ships in the strait of hormus.

However, she stressed during a visit to the operations command in geltow near potsdam that there is as yet neither a request nor a concrete picture of how such an operation would be designed. Regarding the anti-IS mission in syria and iraq, which is controversial within the coalition, the minister said that the mission is still considered "absolutely necessary" at present. In august, she plans to visit the soldiers involved in the operation.

Opposition wins parliamentary election in malta

Opposition wins parliamentary election in malta

Labour won 55 percent of the vote, while the conservative nationalist party, which has been in power until now, won 43 percent, the public television station TVM reported. Labor loses the nationalist party (PN) after 15 years in power.

At just 39, former european parliament member and labor leadership candidate joseph muscat becomes the mediterranean island’s youngest head of government since the end of british colonial rule in 1964. He will take the oath of office as early as this monday.

Meillerghp drop bamberg

For almost three months, the 190 employees of meillerghp on kronacher strabe were worried about losing their jobs after the company’s headquarters in schwandorf applied to the amberg district court for a so-called protective shield. It is an attempt to save the company under the rule of the old directors.

But in the meantime it has become clear that in order to bring the specialist for personalized advertising mail out of the red, jobs are not only being cut in schwandorf and bamberg. Meillerghp wants to close the bamberg site altogether. This is what the works council wanted to say at a works meeting in schwandorf a few days ago.

“I’m certainly not going to give them my fear.”

Politics needs culture and cultural workers, say yatin shah and irina honig, the green candidates for the state parliament and the district parliament from hammelburg in the election campaign. And for that they have on 31. August bundestag vice president claudia roth invited to langendorf. The grunen of the first hour is not only concerned with artists, but with the culture of democracy. She does this without fear of personal hostility. “You will be gassed together with mutti and all those who are making fun of the german people”, the 63-year-old receives such and similar hate mails and death threats on a daily basis. In an interview with this newspaper, she explains why she is not afraid and why she remembers hans-josef fell from hammelburg so well.

I recently heard a woman say: I like roth because she still has the decency to get upset. Claudia roth: but that”s quite a compliment. And it is true. Unfortunately, there are quite a few reasons to get upset and mobilize at the moment. And it”s about more than electioneering. It”s about our democracy, the cohesion in our society – about what has made us rich and strong.