Coburg district councilor akin: “what we need now is good advertising”

coburg district councilor akin:

The request to examine the possibility of introducing a call-sharing cab (AST) in the district of coburg comes from kanat akin. The 31-year-old from neustadt is a member of the SPD parliamentary group in the district council and the youth representative for the district of coburg. He is "really excited", how the new local transport service will develop.

How close is the call-sharing cab to what you envision as the ideal service for the younger generation??

Forchheim is overrun by ice planning

Forchheim is overrun by ice planning

In the conference room of the construction office, meter-long tarpaulins hang on the partition walls. As inscrutable as the circuit diagram of a model railroad. "Even for us, it's not easy to understand at a glance", admits gerhard zedler, head of the building authority. It is the route planning for the ICE between forchheim-nord and kersbach that is in question. And the latter makes oberburgermeister franz stumpf (CSU/WUO) involuntarily derail: "da konnt' ich aus der haut fahren" (I could go out of my skin), zurnt stumpf with a view to the long distances that people with disabilities will have to walk to get from the planned commuter parking lot to the new kersbach platform: 700 meters, with a high overhead winding "an impertinence", also comments building authority director zedler.This means that the planning from 1996 has deteriorated: at that time, an underpass was to be built to the other side of the track, with a platform connection and elevators in the middle.

Now the station will be moved to the area north of the road and the access will also be on the north side of the bridge access road. The bus stop is then no longer at the top of the bridge but at the fub of the bridge access road. From the commuter parking lot planned to the west of the tracks, you can reach the bridge via a staircase and then take an elevator down to the platform in the middle of the passageway.
Even more complicated is the description of the route for the handicapped, which was criticized at the beginning: they first have to walk from the parking lot under the bridge, then up a ramp on street level to the bridge, cross it, and then walk down again on the other side, cross the roadway there, and get back onto the bridge on the opposite side, again via a ramp. Only from there, in the middle, the elevator goes down to the platform.

Rodelsee’s mayor: wanted less, now got more

Rodelsee's mayor, burkhard klein, receives 4250 euros a month in compensation for his work. In addition, a flat-rate travel allowance of 150 euros was paid. This was the result of the renewed vote in the municipal council after the inaugural meeting on 4. No agreement could be reached on may. Interesting: at that time, klein had only wanted 3850 euros. The council had already set the deputy's compensation at ten percent of that of the mayor.

In the may meeting, eight new council members and four "old" council members had voted against the motion to decide on the compensation for the loss of the company. A sum within a range of 3114.15 and 4671.24 euros is possible. Most recently, mayor burkhard klein had received 4067.57 euros. Klein had proposed 3850 euros for himself. Klein also wanted to continue to waive the reimbursement of travel and travel expenses.

Accident: one seriously and one slightly injured

There was an accident on state road 2302 on thursday, as the hammelburg police reported in their press report. Involved in the head-on collision were a quad and a passenger car. The driver of the quad was seriously injured and the 25-year-old car driver was slightly injured. The quad rider was around 15.15 o'clock from schwarzelbach in the direction of wartmannsroth on the road and wanted to overtake a tractor. According to the police, he apparently overlooked the oncoming car, and its driver was unable to prevent a head-on collision. The person who caused the accident was injured so badly, but not life-threatening, and was flown to a clinic by rescue helicopter. After the accident, the 25-year-old went to a hospital for treatment. Both vehicles involved were no longer roadworthy and had to be towed away. The quad and the car have been economically damaged. The total amount of damage is estimated at around 35,000 euros. In addition to the police and the rescue service, the volunteer fire department from schwarzelbach also took part in the operation. 

Outstanding young craftsmen

Outstanding young craftsmen

The chamber of handicrafts has honored 52 chamber winners. "The journeyman’s examination is only one stage of the ‘tour of working life’. But they mastered this first stage very well." This is how the president of the chamber of handicrafts for upper franconia, thomas zimmer, congratulated the young craftsmen and women who passed their final examinations in 2018 as the best in their trade in the chamber’s district. Among them were eleven journeymen and women from upper franconia who had won the state or even the national championship.

"It’s important for us to recognize and reward our successful young talent", thomas zimmer emphasized. For this award makes the good achievements that have been made in vocational training visible for a broader circle. "This helps us and our businesses and increases the perception and appreciation of vocational training."

Lowen are in a tight spot

Lowen are in a tight spot

The project of the lowen exists only since the middle of 2018 and was founded after the bundesliga relegation of the gotha rockets playing in erfurt, to keep professional basketball in erfurt. The managing directors are the former bamberg bundesliga manager wolfgang heyder and florian gut, who was also active in bamberg basketball for many years. Gut also acts as the coach of the team, which this year is not doing as well as expected. Last year’s play-off participant is in last place in the table with 1:12 victories and is already eight points behind the currently saving shore.

For the guests the meeting in strullendorf is therefore already almost the last chance to escape the relegation round. Therefore one looked around in the winter break after verstarkungen, how well after the home defeat against gieben announced: "we examine at present different player profiles. We are talking to several players and will work hard during the winter break to find a strong new signing."

Coburg deficit amounts to 12.6 million euros

Coburg deficit amounts to 12.6 million euros

Nevertheless, the majority of the city council was satisfied with the result yesterday, since the city had planned a deficit for 2012 that was almost twice as high (23.5 million).
But this does not mean that the city had saved eleven million euros in its expenditures: according to all forecasts, it will also earn more in 2013, especially in trade tax. While revenues rose by around 15 million euros compared to the previous year, expenditures went up by around four million euros.
And these increases are not the city’s fault; according to chamberlain wilhelm austen, they are almost entirely due to the levies: both the trade tax and the district levy are rising, so that of the targeted 58.3 million euros in trade tax, only 28.6 million euros remain in the city’s coffers. In addition to spending on day-to-day administration, some 35.7 million euros are also earmarked for investments. This includes schools and daycare centers, but also the purchase of the guterbahnhof land and six million euros for the redevelopment areas of the coburg housing company.
"First consolidations and conscious savings really bear fruit", summed up austen. However, things like wage increases or higher costs for home stays in youth welfare could quickly lead to unforeseen cost increases.


Eu summit to end dispute over eu finances in early february

eu summit to end dispute over eu finances in early february

EU council president herman van rompuy will most likely make the financial planning for the seven-year period, which failed in november, the main topic of an EU summit on 7 june./8. February. "It is likely, but not yet certain, that this will be another summit on the financial planning of the european union," it hailed from its surroundings in brussel on thursday.

Van rompuy had said the day before in dublin that he was "optimistic about an agreement, preferably in february". Within the next ten days, he has to decide whether he really sees a chance for a compromise: at the latest on the 21st of this month. January the summit agenda must be ready.

Police action at the hells angels – no sharp weapons discovered

Police action at the hells angels - no sharp weapons discovered

The large-scale operation on thursday evening with around 300 police officers, including 70 special forces and tracking dogs, was fruitless in the districts of wedding and wilmersdorf. "We have not discovered any sharp weapons," police spokesman stefan redlich told the dpa news agency this evening. Closer the police wanted to announce on friday.

There had been reasonable suspicion that pistols and assault rifles were in one of the objects. According to the spokesman, it was not a raid. A search warrant had been obtained from the court. Assault rifles are subject to the war weapons control act.