Eu summit to end dispute over eu finances in early february

eu summit to end dispute over eu finances in early february

EU council president herman van rompuy will most likely make the financial planning for the seven-year period, which failed in november, the main topic of an EU summit on 7 june./8. February. "It is likely, but not yet certain, that this will be another summit on the financial planning of the european union," it hailed from its surroundings in brussel on thursday.

Van rompuy had said the day before in dublin that he was "optimistic about an agreement, preferably in february". Within the next ten days, he has to decide whether he really sees a chance for a compromise: at the latest on the 21st of this month. January the summit agenda must be ready.

A first attempt at agreement had failed in november. Britain and germany in particular rejected van rompuy’s proposal to authorize spending of 1.01 billion euros over seven years as too high. The two major net contributors demanded further spending cuts in the order of about 30 billion euros.

However, poorer states from the south and east of the european union in particular, as well as the eu commission, rejected the idea.

Diplomats said van rompuy is working "feverishly" on a new compromise proposal. The council president said in dublin on wednesday that his november proposals are still relevant. "But of course we will fine-tune and improve them even more." He does not consider the november summit a failure: "we had no agreement. But there have been enough consensuses that allow us to say that an agreement is possible."At that time, the heads of state and government had declared that there was "a sufficient degree of potential convergence to make an agreement possible at the beginning of next year".

At the november summit, france’s president francois hollande had sided with van rompuy, distancing himself from german chancellor angela merkel, according to diplomats. The british head of government david cameron demanded not only the receipt of a contribution rebate for his country, but also savings in the personnel expenses of the eu commission. Financial planning sets a binding framework for future annual budgets.


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