Investor wants to build in august

Investor wants to build in august

The oberhaid town council has not yet passed a resolution on the development plan for a solar park north of the railroad line in unterhaid. Against the backdrop of the public interpretation of the draft plan, the project developers harald kegelmann (advanced solar hirschaid) and matthew malone (UCCB international) informed about the development of the project. For about two million euros, a roughly five-hectare area between unterhaid and staffelbach is to be used for energy generation.

"We were already able to build in august, the contracts with the investor are ready to be signed", dear harald kegelmann the rate know. That’s why they want a decision soon, also against the backdrop of the changing demand landscape. He named deutsche burger-energie (DBE) as an investment partner, which in turn is backed by the cooperatively organized volksbanken and raiffeisenbanken. However, according to mayor carsten joneitis (SPD), the matter has to be "solid". For with a resolution on the statutes, the matter acquires legal force; a separate construction plan, according to kegelmann, does not have to be submitted in response to a question from local councilor otmar schels (CSU). When "finished the plant will be ready when all modules are connected, the start of the feed is not the critical point.

As "unlikely" in response to a question from local councillor herbert ramer (UBV), kegelmann said that the modules used were made in germany. Ramer also wants the plant to help "keep german companies in solar module production alive".

Mayor joneitis emphasized that the aim of citizen participation is to inform the public as early as possible. "We look for the sites, apply for the feed-in and bear the entrepreneurial responsibility for the project until the handover to the operator", harald kegelmann described the role of his company. For the past year and a half, the flat area near unterhaid has been under scrutiny. For the now reduced flat area, an approximately 1.7-kilometer-long pipeline would be necessary to feed the power in. The annual income was initially estimated at around 350,000 euros, but was allowed to decrease due to the construction of the pipeline, transformer station and fencing. Nevertheless, the investors wanted to see a return of ten percent "below 4.5 percent, one loses interest", according to kegelmann. A share of 15 percent will be financed by the citizens, the rest by banks. In addition, there are so-called energy packages for 1050 euros per piece.

Against this background, mayor joneitis "could well imagine an approach". Nevertheless, due to some inconsistencies in the political as well as in the economic area, "caution is still advisable". On the other hand, the kegelmann company was not to be released completely from its responsibility’"the municipal council reserves the right to decide on the statutes," said mayor jon kempf, the head of the municipality concluded.

The municipal council still wants to wait and see whether a priority area for wind turbines designated on the municipal border with lauter and stettfeld actually affects the oberhaider area. Managing director joachim karl expressed his doubts, saying that the map did not show the exact location. "There is hardly any wind here", said mayor joneitis. Otherwise, it will be necessary to wait for the plans in neighboring lower franconia in order to be able to better classify possible burdens for the municipal area.


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