The district council hopes for babies born in habfurt

The district council hopes for babies born in habfurt

Finally a county budget to participate in! Every citizen in the habberge district is urged to do his or her part to improve the financial situation. Those who accept the habberg clinics and are treated there in the event of illness pay their solidarity contribution. Above all, however, if in the future even more expectant parents decide to give birth to their children in the habfurt clinic, there is a chance of saving the obstetrics department in habfurt. A demand program of the state gives hope! However, 50 percent of the county's children actually had to see the light of day in habfurt's obstetrics department – so far, the figure is a good 45 percent. The demand could relieve the county budget with about 680000 euros.

That's why district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU) and the speakers from all the parliamentary groups sent an appeal to all parents-to-be during the district council's budget discussion on monday: "now we have it partly in our own hands whether obstetrics can be maintained in the district."
At the last meeting before christmas, however, the worry lines in the round of the district council outweighed the worry lines in the round of the district council when it came to the topic of the habberg clinics. Health care will continue to eat a serious hole in the budget in 2018, even though the closure of the hofheim clinic has already done a lot to cut costs. Around 3.5 million euros to be spent in the coming year alone to cover building maintenance and deficits at the two remaining clinics and medical care centers.

Tree removals for 15 million euros

Despite this burden, the county council, with its unanimous approval of the draft budget, has approved investments of almost 15 million euros for the expansion of county-owned properties, county roads and tree removals at the schools (second construction phase of the eltmann gymnasium, renovation of the dr.-ernst schmitt secondary school ebern and general renovation of the heinrich-thein school habfurt) approved. The new replacement building for ebern's friedrichruckert high school will have to wait until 2019. For the next five years, the district administrator announced investments of over 60 million euros, of which large sums will also go to the habfurt school center.

In addition to all these expenditures, the district's low pay-as-you-go power is also a problem. Payments from county communities and towns grow at less than a quarter of the bavarian average. However, the county has to pay less money to the district as a levy, and it benefits from a significant increase in the key allocations from the state treasury. This will bring an additional 2.3 million euros into the district's coffers.

The county levy is falling

According to the district administrator, the municipalities are also to benefit from these increases. He proposed lowering the county levy rate, which had recently risen in each case, by 0.8 percentage points to 46.2 percent. This means that the municipalities and cities, all of which have to make do with their own resources, will have to pay a total of 136,000 euros less than in the previous year. This creates room for maneuver in the municipal budgets, which all speakers praised. "We are anxious to make a good living for ourselves and the municipalities", said the district administrator.

New receivables

The chamber is counting on further project-related sources of money, since the habberge district is the recipient of needs-based allocations and stabilization aid due to its poor financial strength, demographic development and the burdens caused by the habberg clinics' deficits. Wilhelm schneider: "this is also associated with higher ford rates in the case of upcoming macceptances."For school projects, for example, chamberer marcus frohlich expects grant rates of 70 percent or more.

The lush demand pots and "intelligent and economical planning of the tree removals", advocated the strategy of keeping the use of own funds as low as possible and limiting new debt in the long term. Nevertheless, the debt will increase from 14.4 to 18.4 million euros by the end of the year. This amount almost doubles if you add the loans for the clinics and medical care centers, which had to be increased again in the last session of the year. A trend that must be stopped, the speakers agreed, even if the deficits are due to underfunding and not to own debt. The committee was also unanimous in approving the budget

Briefly in figures

351 babies were born at the habfurt maternity hospital in 2016. 54 percent of all new county residents were born elsewhere.

The habberge district ranks 70th in bavaria in terms of pay-as-you-go power. He is thus second to last among the 71 municipalities.

76.26 million. The 2018 district budget includes euros in income and expenditure respectively. At the end, there will be a minus of 3100 euros.

265 pages of the budget presented by chamberlain Marcus Frohlich.


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