In thuisbrunn, young emergency forces rehearse for day x

In thuisbrunn, young emergency forces rehearse for day x

On a cloudy day in november, youth fire departments from thuisbrunn, egloffstein, ebermannstadt and walkersbrunn met to mark the end of the year with their closing ceremony.
According to the district fire department, they received support from the youth groups of the bavarian red cross from forchheim as well as the youth group of the THW from kirchehrenbach at the exercise.

At about 15 o'clock, the organizations involved in the exercise were alerted by radio. The scenario on which the exercise was based was "explosion on a farm – fire in the wood chip plant". Several persons were injured, one even trapped.
After the head of operations had gained a picture of the damage situation, the focus of the operation could be determined.

Inmates are in shock
The youth fire departments from thuisbrunn, ebermannstadt and walkersbrunn subsequently took over the rescue of persons and firefighting in the area of the woodchip heating system.

The young firefighters were allowed to go into action with replica breathing apparatuses and under the guidance of experienced firefighters. In the meantime, the young THW volunteers took care of rescuing an injured man trapped under a tractor.

The emergency services from egloffstein had to extricate a car that had also caught fire. In addition, they had to look after the vehicle occupant, who was in shock.

A total of eleven people were rescued during the exercise and subsequently cared for by the young firefighters from the BRK forchheim. Afterwards, the fire department and THW forces set up a landing site for the rescue helicopter. They used floodlights to illuminate the meadow and make adjacent obstacles, such as power pylons, visible to the helicopter pilot.

The aim of this exercise, in which more than 70 young people took part, was to challenge the cooperation between the various aid organizations.


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