Peter kraus: there used to be secrets

peter kraus: there used to be secrets

Peter Kraus (79) says he experienced wild times at the beginning of his career.

"It is often said today that the 50s were prudent," the german rock'n'roll, hit and film star of the 1950s told the newspapers of the funke media group, "but that is not true. We had our spab. You just didn't hang everything on the coarse bell, but simply kept your mouth shut. There used to be secrets. Today, because of the internet and cell phones, everyone knows everything immediately. Terrible."Kraus celebrates on. Marz his 80th birthday. Birthday.

The sanger ("sugar baby") has been married to his wife for almost 50 years – and faithfully, as he affirms. "When i got together with ingrid, i had really let off steam." He had longed at that time for a firm relationship. Marriage was then a radical cut for him. "She changed everything, i now had a family and a new life.He knows people who try to "spend their whole life as if they were 20 years old". That was never my wish."

Kraus lives, according to his own words, at the luganer lake (switzerland) and in gamlitz in south styria, south of graz at the border to slovenia. "There we have a farm with animals and a vineyard. I grow my own wine there on the labitschberg, it tastes great."


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