100-Kilo gold coin stolen: charges filed after spectacular coup

100-kilo gold coin stolen: charges filed after spectacular coup

A year and a half after the spectacular theft of a 100-kilo gold coin worth millions from the bode museum in berlin, the public prosecutor’s office has brought charges against four young men.

The accused, aged 20, 21 and 23, are charged with community theft in a particularly serious case, the prosecution announced.

The 100-kilogram coin with a pure gold value of 3.75 million euros was found on 27 june. March 2017 stolen. The canadian gold coin "big maple leaf" with the image of queen elizabeth II. Was the loan of a private citizen. The investigators meanwhile assume that the coin was cut up and sold.

Three of the suspects, whose surnames are listed in the press release as R. According to earlier statements by investigators, the attackers were members of a large arab family.

The trio allegedly entered the museum at night through a window and stole the coin from a display case there. The valuable piece had been removed with a rolling board and a wheelbarrow. A 20-year-old co-defendant guard at the museum is alleged to have previously scouted the premises.

The case is to be brought before a juvenile division of the regional court, according to the press release. After intensive investigations against a clan of arab origin, arrest warrants were issued against the four suspects in june of the previous year. According to the public prosecutor’s office, however, they are now at large again.


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