Anne frank in the video diary on youtube

Anne frank in the video diary on youtube

What if anne frank had had a camera instead of a diary??

75 years after the death of the jewish girl, the amsterdam anne frank foundation is showing her world-famous diary from the second world war in a contemporary form: as a video diary on a youtube channel. In short videos, 13-year-old actress luna cruz perez tells the story of anne’s life in the backhouse in amsterdam from a first-person perspective.

She lets the viewers participate directly in the life of anne. In 15 following the period up to the 4. August 1944, when the hideout had been cleared by the germans.

The anne frank foundation wants to use the series to bring anne’s fate closer to young people. "It’s a modern and appealing way to reach young people," the foundation said. Jacqueline van maarsen, anne’s former schoolmate who is now 91 years old, also reacted positively, as the foundation announced. "The idea was habitual, but i think it’s good that anne frank’s story has been brought into today’s world."

During the second world war anne frank lived with her family in the back house in amsterdam in hiding from the german national socialists. After about two years they were betrayed and deported to extermination camps. Anne died at the age of 15 years in the concentration camp bergen-belsen in march 1945. Her diary was found and is now world famous.


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