Forecourt to be redesigned

Forecourt to be redesigned

Christiane reuther the community of oberaurach stands on healthy feet. This was emphasized by mayor thomas sechser at the castle meeting on monday evening at the zenglein guesthouse in oberschleichach. This makes investments possible. The area in front of the blessing hall at the cemetery in oberschleichach is to be redesigned. In this context, a visitor asked for uneven cemetery paths to be removed at the same time.

Before talking about the financial situation of the municipality, sechser recalled the franz schamberger foundation, which was set up just under five years ago with a starting capital of 50,000 euros. The foundation is intended to help enable elderly people to stay in their familiar home environment. In his function as chairman of the foundation, the community leader encouraged the citizens to make active use of the offer.

Practically debt-free

He especially thanked anita amend, who has been supporting the "citizens helping citizens" project with her civic commitment for almost ten years lend a face.

According to sechser, the municipality of oberaurach is practically debt-free. Per capita debt has fallen from its 1991 high of 924 euros to the current level of 66 euros, he says. Thanks to the two million euros in funding, it has been possible to implement many projects in the various parts of the community. These include, among other things, the development of new building areas, the implementation of village renewal measures, and the redesign of the surroundings of churches and friedhofen. But also for the provision of fire engines and for the broadband expansion the municipality has taken a lot of money into its hands.

In an outlook, sechser went into further mabnahmen. A general renovation of the kindergarten in oberschleichach is planned.

A few years ago, the nursery was built there, and now the heating and the roof have been renewed.

Dog droppings on the paths

In the following round of discussions, the issue of the four-legged friends left behind on cycle paths and footpaths or in neighboring meadows was discussed. To hold dog owners accountable, reports had to be received by the municipal administration, the mayor said. Only then could penalties be imposed.

Raising the dog tax to pay for the installation and emptying of dog toilets is not an alternative for him.

A visitor complained that the gate at the feuerloschweiher was opened. In addition, he criticized the planting of trees in the immediate vicinity of the pond, whose foliage further pollutes the sluice gate. When asked how high the costs of the clearing system would have to be passed on to the citizens of unterleichach, the mayor was not yet able to make a statement.

Various options are currently being considered, such as a link to the clearing plant in kirchaich.

Local councillor thomas karg criticized the fact that farmers from outside apply fertilizer to the fields they lease, which causes displeasure among the burghers.


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