A price for house for three generations

A price for house for three generations

Actually, we didn’t think it would work anyway," says heinz hofmann. He sits in his house at friedenstrabe 2 a on a wooden beam. The room around him is still a construction site. There is a hole in the ceiling that allows a view of the floor above, where bricks and wooden planks lie. The floor is feminine and dusty, the small desk, which is provisionally placed in the room, full of tools.

But the 79-year-old is radiant. He made it. He won with his 100-year-old house, which he bought in 2011 in a dilapidated condition. At least almost. "The most beautiful residential property" searched "focus online" on its homepage.

The fact that heinz hofmann and his wife waltraud have made it into the top ten with their home has (as reported) long been certain. Then the readers could vote on the homepage of the magazine and finally came the surprise: the kitzinger have reached the third place and get for it 1500 euro.

Online application without internet

Hofmann only found out about the competition by chance: "i was at the doctor’s and read in the magazine that they were looking for special ideas for housing," he says. He told his daughter at home, who then filled out the online application with him. Already when his house had made it to the top ten applicants, the joy was great.

But when the winners were announced on the homepage, hofmann could not believe it at first. "We didn’t even notice at first because we don’t have the internet," he says with a smile. "But then our daughter came and told us about it."

400 square meters for the whole family

Waltraud hofmann has already decided how to invest the profits. "That comes with the house," she explains. Her husband bought the house six years ago – without looking at it first.

Since then, he has been renovating the building on his own, turning the more than 400 square meters into a multigenerational home for himself, his wife and their daughter. And even the granddaughter has already expressed interest in moving into one of the apartments when everything is finished in a year’s time.

"Grandpa builds multigenerational house", with this title focus published the pictures of the house. "And that’s why we’ve made it to the top," hofmann suspects. "Because of the history behind it."The special thing: the retired electrician did almost all the work in the house himself.

He renewed the electrical system, laid new water and wastewater pipes, installed underfloor heating and much more. He only had help with the roofing and the installation of the new windows. But he is not bothered by all the work. "It was worth it," he says. "And i’m happy to have something to do"."


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