Outstanding young craftsmen

Outstanding young craftsmen

The chamber of handicrafts has honored 52 chamber winners. "The journeyman’s examination is only one stage of the ‘tour of working life’. But they mastered this first stage very well." This is how the president of the chamber of handicrafts for upper franconia, thomas zimmer, congratulated the young craftsmen and women who passed their final examinations in 2018 as the best in their trade in the chamber’s district. Among them were eleven journeymen and women from upper franconia who had won the state or even the national championship.

"It’s important for us to recognize and reward our successful young talent", thomas zimmer emphasized. For this award makes the good achievements that have been made in vocational training visible for a broader circle. "This helps us and our businesses and increases the perception and appreciation of vocational training."

Engine of the region

In his speech, the president of the HWK for upper franconia also deliberately addressed the perception of vocational training and the skilled trades. He emphasized that the skilled trades are a strong part of the upper franconian economy and a key driver of the region, that they offer attractive jobs and the very best employment and career opportunities.

However, he also took the chamber winners to task a bit. "After learning is before learning. Take advantage of the many opportunities for further training and qualification." Because a working life has many stages that have to be successfully mastered.


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