Deaths in fire at russian clinic for corona patients

deaths in fire at russian clinic for corona patients

In a fire in a hospital for corona patients in st. Petersburg five people have died this tuesday. According to the interfax agency, these were patients who were connected to ventilators in the intensive care unit.

150 patients and employees were brought to safety on other floors of the clinic. The fire broke out on the sixth floor.

Investigators believe that one of the ventilators caught fire in the morning hours for reasons that are still unclear. According to the state agency tass, the victims are four men and one woman aged 59 to 67. Police want to know if all five patients died from toxic gases. They were seriously ill, it was said.

In a video, smoke could be seen rising from a window. Firefighters extinguished the fire. The hospital was reportedly re-equipped for the treatment of people with the coronavirus only in the middle of march. In russia, many clinics for corona patients have been rerouted in recent weeks.

It was only on monday night that eleven people died in a fire at a hospice in the city of krasnogorsk, west of moscow. Nine seniors died in the fire, and two others succumbed to their injuries at a hospital, authorities said tuesday. Many residents were saved.

The head of the hospice has been charged with violating safety regulations, it was reported. A short circuit is suspected as the cause. According to information from interfax, the hospice was not equipped with a fire alarm. Moreover, there were no escape routes for handicapped people. In russia, serious fires with high casualty figures occur time and again due to violations of safety regulations.


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