Beaten after a brawl in donnersdorf

Beaten after a brawl in donnersdorf

The wine festival in donnersdorf must have been a lively affair. A 19-year-old adolescent liked the taste of grape juice so much that he got drunk at two parts per million. When he was provoked by another boy in this state of uninhibited alcohol consumption, he saw red and punched the opponent in the nose with his fist. Because of intentional bodily harm he now has to pay a fine of 600 euros to the district youth association habberge.

In front of the juvenile judge martin kober the young man from the district town habfurt showed himself fully confessed. This facilitated the trial, which took place yesterday, monday, in the district court of habfurt.
On the night of whitsunday this year, the accused had partied extensively with friends, and the group did not leave for home until shortly before four o'clock in the morning. When they staggered onto the road, a car stopped and its occupants insulted the fubgangers. They bickered back, but it did not remain with the verbal argument.

The later victim first goes rambo
Rather, one of the young occupants of the car got out of the car, tore his own shirt open above his chest in a rambo-like manner and shouted at the defendant with the words "man against man" to. Challenged in this way, the heavily intoxicated defendant went berserk and promptly threw a punch. Apparently, the young man has good boxing skills, because he punched so well that his opponent – also quite drunk – went down with a bleeding nose. Fortunately, the police stationed in the vicinity intervened immediately and prevented further acts.
As the juvenile court assistant franz heinrich explained, the juvenile offender is actually a very calm and reserved young man who is not prone to aggressive behavior. He found words of praise for his school and professional career. After graduating from high school with a qualification, the boy successfully completed an apprenticeship. The youth educator was sure that the punch was a one-time slip of the tongue.

A mild outcome
Following up on these remarks, attorney andre kamphausen suggested a discontinuation of the proceedings. After all, he said, the victim had been looking for a fight. The attacker actually has himself to blame for the blow to his client. The prosecutor's representative did not agree, however, and asked for a fine of 30 days' pay and 40 euros each, similar to the one that had been sent out earlier.
Although the defendant's development as an adult is not delayed, the presiding judge applied juvenile criminal law. Because the act itself and the circumstances, he explained, corresponded to a typical youthful misconduct. As he explained, the young man got off relatively lightly with the sentence (600 euro fine), because he has a clean criminal record so far and because fortunately nothing more happened.


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