Coburg district councilor akin: “what we need now is good advertising”

coburg district councilor akin:

The request to examine the possibility of introducing a call-sharing cab (AST) in the district of coburg comes from kanat akin. The 31-year-old from neustadt is a member of the SPD parliamentary group in the district council and the youth representative for the district of coburg. He is "really excited", how the new local transport service will develop.

How close is the call-sharing cab to what you envision as the ideal service for the younger generation??

Kanat akin: so far party-express was our best known offer, now we significantly further. After the idea of the 50/50 cab could not be realized for financial reasons, we came up with the high demand of the state of bavaria for the call-collection cabs. I must also thank hans michelbach, who pointed out the program to us. With the AST, we are already very close to what I wanted to achieve with my application.

As a resident of neustadt, you will not be able to take advantage of the call-collection-taxi, because there is a regular night bus line to rodental and neustadt. Isn't that a disadvantage?

Of course they always wish for more times and lines. But we have only 60,000 euros in the budget for the AST in the district. In this context, you have to think carefully about what you do. It wouldn't make sense to add to the number of routes that are served anyway. I believe that the young people from rodental and neustadt will accept this decision.

How do you perceive the mood in the target group regarding the new offer??

Very positive! But that's no wonder, after all, the AST has given us a level of local transport that we've never had before. Now we just have to hope that the feedback stays positive.

Will you subject the new offer to a text yourself on friday??

Well, not right away on friday. But I'm going to take a spontaneous look at how it works and get some feedback. How the call-sharing cab will develop is now in the hands of its users. Because one thing is clear: demand determines the quality of local transport.

The call-collection-taxi service starts in the middle of the bavarian summer holidays. For you a good or bad time?

(grins) let's put it this way: the timing has been agreed upon by politics and administration. The local transport plan has kept the administrative staff extremely busy in the past year, as the AST introduction simply did not work earlier. In the end, it was even good, because the demand program, which was probably set up for the election campaign, helps us a lot: 70 percent demand – that's quite a word. What we need now is good and successful advertising for the AST service.

The call-collection-taxi has arrived – what's next on your wish list??

That we do not lose sight of joining the nurnberg traffic region. We have to deal with the issue openly and seriously until the state ministry for housing, construction and transport presents concrete figures for the demand. It doesn't help to reject such a project out of hand without the necessary expertise. The fact is: it would be a great advantage for our commuters if the coburg region could be connected more closely to the metropolis of nurnberg. The people of lichtenfels have been on board for a long time, and the people of kronach are also showing a great deal of interest – so it's not really possible that the coburg region will remain a blank spot on the VGN map


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