A lot of enthusiasm for the new vehicle

A lot of enthusiasm for the new vehicle

To three person searches in the saale, resp. Surrounding waters, as well as to two salvages in the saale the water rescue team jerked out in the past year. The new SEG vehicle caused far more work than these five missions, in which the diving group was deployed each time.
As stefan kuhn, chairman of the bad kissingen local group, announced at the annual general meeting, the group had to part with the VW bus it had been using for more than 20 years. After all, the oldie already had over 300,000 kilometers on the hump and also otherwise "some diseases". The local water rescue group had selected a four-wheel drive vehicle capable of carrying nine people and the equipment for a complete diving group.
However, by the time the permits were ready, production of the ford t 350, one of the few vehicle types that met all these requirements, had ceased. With a lot of time and effort and only thanks to the internet it was possible to find the only still available vehicle of this type at a dealer in the south german area. The unique vehicle with nine seats, all-wheel drive and pre-installed equipment (blue light, etc.).), which was then also reflected in the cash balance: while in 2011 there were still a proud 18,000 euros in the coffers, in 2012 it was only a few hundred euros, after all, the emergency vehicle cost around 28,000 euros, plus another 8,000 euros for the fitting out, because the local group could not do everything itself.

Impressive technology
"With the vehicle you have made the leap into the new millennium, because you are motivated, well trained and now also well equipped" mayor toni schick (DBK) made clear to the water rescuers. Stefan kuhn could only agree with his statement that technology has a magnetic effect on young people in club life today. "The youth today is keen on technology" he loved to know and hinted that in the future also the youth will be more involved in the technology. After all, the vehicle had not only the complete equipment for the three-headed diving group on board, but also a grab hoist, radios, lighting and much more needed for an operation on and in the water. It should not be forgotten that the vehicle, which was largely financed by the club itself, can now also be used by young people for swimming and performance competitions. And of course also to exercises on the waters of the surrounding area.
Exercises and missions of this kind were also addressed by marcus brandl of the DLRG (german air rescue organization). "We have the same tasks and should work together, because we often have the same problems, that was his wish.

Thanks chairman stefan kuhn thanks his longtime active peter greubel and herbert kolb, who together with others excelled in the interior work of the new emergency vehicle. Also barbara hartmann, who has been active for 30 years and also manages the treasury.

Loyal members honored for 30 years: Peter Hippler, Ilja louric, Karin Schmitt and Bernhilde Sebald. For 40 years jochen lach, for 45 years ernst hartel, peter greubel and herbert kolb. Herbert hofner for 50 years and Klaus Fredrichs for 55 years.

There were hardly any changes in the board of directors of the 249-member water rescue local group of bad kissingen. Unanimously re-elected were stefan kuhn as chairman and hans thunig as his deputy, the new technical director is alexander knaab, deputy berhard bohatsch. Secretary and treasurer remain with peter greubel and barbara hartmann also in preserved hands. 


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