Nrw buys another tax cd

Nrw buys another tax cd

In the fight against tax evasion, north rhine-westphalia has apparently paid more money than ever before for a new dataset containing the accounts of several institutions.

According to a report in the magazine "spiegel," it is the most expensive purchase of a tax CD to date, with a price tag of five million euros. According to dpa information, this is data from several institutes and financial service providers. A trading volume of around 70 billion euros is involved, in which the state was defrauded of capital gains tax.

Investigations against customers and employees are already underway, reported "spiegel". Among other things, a luxembourg bank is said to be in his sights, which also maintains branches on the german border. There should be searches next week. The action is being led by the experienced wuppertal tax investigation department in cooperation with the koln public prosecutor’s office. The tax CD is said to contain more than 50,000 transactions and indications of business practices.

According to dpa information, investigators are searching for so-called "cum-ex deals" involving the quick purchase and sale of shares. With the help of these highly complex transactions, an investor can have capital gains tax unjustly refunded to him or her.

The NRW ministry of finance declined to comment on the recent purchase of a tax CD. The country continues to receive "many offers of data", examines them for their "value" and then decides on a purchase, said a spokeswoman on inquiry. "This is still ongoing business for us."

The data carrier is the ninth tax CD purchased by the state government since 2010. This apparently pays off. As a result of the CD purchases and the tax arrears payments and money-grabbing schemes that they triggered, NRW took in more than 1.8 billion euros, according to the finance ministry (as of june 2015). Since spring 2010, the north rhine-westphalia tax authorities have received around 22,300 self-denunciations (as of 1 january 2010). October 2015) a.

NRW finance minister norbert walter-borjans (SPD) had recommended self-denunciations in view of the increased CD purchases. "To all tax evaders who have still not turned themselves in, i recommend as a good resolution for 2015 to finally come clean – even if it will be more expensive than before."

Nationwide, the additional revenue from back tax payments after voluntary disclosures is estimated at four to five billion euros, according to "spiegel". Since 2010, around 120,000 germans had turned themselves in as tax evaders.

The greens in the dusseldorf state parliament buried the recent purchase of a tax CD. "It is right and important that the minister of finance keeps up the search pressure and thus also motivates people to report themselves," said the chairman of the parliamentary group mehrdad mostofizadeh.


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