Nationwide warning strikes at locks

Nationwide warning strikes at locks

The 24-hour labor dispute led to the closure of the lock facility in brunsbuttel on thursday. For this reason, no more ships were allowed into the canal in kiel, as a verdi spokeswoman said. Only ships that are already in the canal are diverted, as confirmed by the northern waterways and shipping directorate.

In north rhine-westphalia, more than 100 ships were affected by the closure of the locks on the rhine-herne canal and the wesel-dattel canal, according to the water and shipping office in duisburg-meiderich.

According to verdi, the warning strikes are directed against the planned restructuring of the responsible authorities. In june 2012, transport minister ramsauer (CSU) announced plans to cut the number of offices in the waterways and shipping administration from 53 to 34. This is linked to a reduction in staff, without redundancies, of about 20 percent. This not only endangered jobs and closed sites, but also put the entire waterway infrastructure in a precarious legal position, verdi said on thursday. According to the union, several hundred employees nationwide wanted to take part in the warning strikes.


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