Netflix has rough plans with “red notice

Netflix has rough plans with

How can netflix top the worldwide success "squid game"?? For "red notice" the chances are certainly not bad. Because in this film, the makers have thrown all the successful formats into a blender.

At some point, you lose track of what you are actually seeing here as a spectator. Is this a comedy? An action driver? An adventure film? A crook strip? Dwayne johnson, ryan reynolds and gal gadot hunt in the new film from netflix (from 12. November to stream, since 4. November in the cinema) around the world.

Special agent john hartley (johnson) is first on the heels of art thief nolan booth (reynolds). What starts as a cat-and-mouse game soon turns into a prison break and then turns into a crook comedy in the style of "ocean"s eleven. The policeman needs the long-fingered booth to bring "the runner" to justice, a cunning criminal (gadot), worldwide terror of museums.

The hatz leads the three on the dance floor, in the jungle and to a nazi treasure. Indiana jones fans are having some dejà vu. In general, the film draws on numerous hollywood classics. Apparently the streaming giant wanted to mix everything for a mega success.

Because the bar is now very high. The brutal korean thriller series "squid game" was watched in 142 million homes in the first four weeks after its launch. This is a new best for netflix and also a growth driver.

After the corona pandemic led to a veritable rush of subscribers in 2020, growth slowed sharply in the first half of 2021. The film and series hits were simply missing. In the third quarter, the global number of subscribers increased by 4.4 million to just under 214 million. Netflix must now continue to deliver after "squid game". Besides predictable hits like the second season of the fantasy series "the witcher," "red notice" was allowed to feature prominently in the plans.

It"s no surprise that "red notice" is one of the most, if not the most, expensive netflix movie to date, with an estimated investment of up to $200 million, according to US industry portals. It"s only logical that product placement for sports cars and software, for example, has been used more aggressively than ever before.


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