Swing and winnetou melody

Swing and winnetou melody

"Already that you exist". This heartfelt praise from mayor bernhard storath (CSU) for the wind and school orchestra was also reflected in the faces of the approximately 300 listeners at the autumn concert of the ebensfeld music association in the triple gymnasium. The program of the two-and-a-half-hour musical evening ranged from gentle, dreamy beats to energetic film melodies.
The audience enjoyed the musical reminiscences of louis "satchmo" performed by the wind orchestra armstrong such as the timelessly beautiful "what a wonderful world" and felt at the presented "winnetou"-film music transported to the wild west. The "imperial wedding march" from the pen of from the pen of johann nepomuk kral was also wellness for the ears of the audience.
As in the past, benedikt kruger again performed in a double function – as a member of the ensemble and between the performances as a conferencier, who introduced the next piece in a well-known entertaining manner. This is how glenn miller’s "A string of pearls" won (in german "pearl necklace") against the background of the briefly told, tragically ending life story of the bandleader once more in depth.
"Your commitment is good for the music association and the ebensfeld market as a whole", said mayor bernhard storath, addressing conductor reinhold stark, who skilfully set the pace this evening. Stark was pleased with the praise, but was happy to pass it on to "his" musicians musician and emphasized how much he enjoys the whole thing.
In preparation for the autumn concert, the high point of the year’s many other performances, a rehearsal weekend in wirsberg gave the ensemble the finishing touches, the audience heard. Here reinhold had strong support from music teachers, who led the register rehearsals. To liven things up, a karaoke evening was also held on the weekend in question, revealed stark. "You wouldn’t believe the vocal talent that lies dormant here in the ranks of the music association," said, he added.
A great voice can be attested to lisa weidner, who not only played the clarinet, but also inspired with vocal interludes. The young musician received a special applause for her original swedish performance of "gabriella’s song" from the film "like in heaven. At the better known but always spared song "the rose she formed a singing duo with her father otto, quasi a performance as "weidner family", as benedikt kruger remarked with a wink.
The music association under the leadership of chairman rudolf dierauf is already seeing the generations interacting with each other. The school orchestra’s performance at the autumn concert was a great success. The youngsters were able to convince the audience with lively cha-cha tunes, the film music from "shrek" as well as the stucco "arabian dream, which, by the way, was also performed at the competition in trossenfurt, which was concluded with very good results.


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