Thought leader harari warns of possible power of algorithms

Thought leader harari warns of possible power of algorithms

Israeli author and thought leader yuval noah harari has warned that algorithms could in the future understand people better than they understand themselves.

"Biological knowledge multiplied by computing power multiplied by data results in the ability to hack humans," he said at the "online marketing rockstars" conference in hamburg on wednesday. The algorithms could predict our decisions and behavior and manipulate our desires. "They will know us better than we know ourselves. That’s not impossible, because most people don’t know themselves very well."

In general, such technologies could have positive effects, for example in the health sector in the early detection of diseases. But the 43-year-old also warned of dramatic consequences in his lecture on "hacking humans". So-called trolls could use personal fears to spread targeted fake news and propaganda. Authoritarian governments could create total surveillance systems. Harari stressed that these are not predictions but possibilities.

In a subsequent conversation with former "bild" editor-in-chief kai diekmann, the bestselling author described himself as neither an optimist nor a pessimist, but a realist. He is not against technology, but he wants to use it for its own purpose. "You need to use technology, not be used by it."

Harari is one of the most sought-after authors at the moment. His book "a brief history of humanity" became a bestseller, as did its successor "homo deus" and his latest work "21 lessons for the 21st century". Century".

Harari also commented on facebook founder mark zuckerberg: "he and many others in silicon valley created these immense machines with a very naive view of human nature," he said. They had the idea of bringing people together. In recent years, they had realized that there were evil people who abused these systems. But they are not yet ready to recognize that there may also be deep structural problems in the platforms themselves.

In the battle for the advance of artificial intelligence (AI), harari envisions a role for europe of its own. "I hope that europe will not follow the american or chinese path, but will go its own way. Because it can’t win," he said. "Europe should find its own solutions, such as developing AI applications that protect people’s privacy instead of hacking it."

52 people attended this year’s online marketing rockstars conference on tuesday and wednesday.000 visitors came.


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