Summer days at the camp

Summer, vacations, camps, what could be better for children and young people?. For 67 participants from all over bavaria this dream became reality. This was made possible by the "faber-nurnberg" team of the federation of the scouts (bdp) and the lions clubs in the districts bavaria-north and -east on a meadow at the edge of the forest on the jurassic plateau between tiefenellern and herzogenreuth.

32 volunteers

The boys and girls, aged between eight and 17, arrived by bus from wurzburg and nurnberg. For ten days they stayed away from home and civilization, they had to organize everything themselves with the help of the 32 volunteer teammates. First the sleeping tents for the new groups had to be set up, but also tents for food, for games, a tea and coffee/cocoa tent, one for the supply of games, for the injured and of course for the cake.
Instead of thunderbolts there were porta-potties, the water was supplied by the litzendorf volunteer fire department with its tanker truck and filled fresh every day into several thousand-liter containers.


The head of the camp is devrim ekin, a tent camp veteran and experienced "swashbuckler for such a rough company. With his experience from many camps, he is not to be brought out of the calm, but still consistently directs the show. Although he can rely on his helpers, he wants to and must know everything about everything, since he is ultimately also responsible for his proteges.
The 40-year-old, who is training to be a special education nurse, is delighted to be able to offer young people with and without disabilities something special for a certain period of time, regardless of the type of school they attend. He sums it up like this: "we want to offer the young people here in the summer camp their own beautiful world." Ida loy from freising thinks: "the group is fun, and there are no problems between handicapped and non-handicapped people. That's why I would like to be a teamer next year and take on responsibility myself."
Of course, this also requires a good program, because cell phones are forbidden here. There are small activities, such as volleyball and soccer games, felting, leather and wool processing, circle games and much more.

Climbing in the high ropes course

But the high points are climbing in the high ropes course, a canoe trip on the obermain, several visits to the open-air swimming pool in zapfendorf and night hikes. The very popular bonfire had to be cancelled this time because of the extreme drought, all authorities from the district office to the municipalities prohibited it because of the great fire danger. Even cooking with gas cylinders in a neighboring camp almost fell victim to these precautions.
To make up for the missed campfire, the litzendorf fire department erected a hydro wall, where in the high summer temperatures real water battles and fights with sponges and soft rubber hoses took place. In addition the pfadfinger had also all from the neighbor camp of the "stella matutina invited to participate with pleasure.
Otherwise, however, each camp makes its own program. At the beginning of the vacations, there were three other groups on camp besides the ones already mentioned, so that the otherwise lonely area was already teeming with youth.
Everyone praised the cake team and its leader robert rauner, who always knew how to fill hungry stomachs.
Camp director ekin would like to thank thomas drehsen from bamberg in particular, who, as lions' youth representative, not only provides financial support: "he is always there to help us energetically, be it with setting up or dismantling the camp or with all kinds of errands." As each participant has to pay only 100 euros, the total cost is easily raised. Lions BN and BO support these camps for about 40 years, a great thing say all the young people as if shot out of a pistol.


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