There it also spoiled the harvest!

There he has the salad, with his plants! Hans-jurgen eichfelder was hit hard by this half hour of massive thunderstorms on wednesday. Not so much the bamberger itself, like gemuse and plants on its flat near hallstadt, which had probably been at the center of the storm. On a flat of three to four hectares in the north of the bamberger gartnerflur, which, so to speak, runs into the hallstadter and the schrebergarten area "roppach eichfelder has estimated the damage at 10,000 euros.
Hail pierced and shredded coarse foliage. Savoy cabbage, kohlrabi and ruccola were hit and damaged. Of course, this does not detract from the taste, but because of the appearance, the defective goods can no longer be given to the roughneck dealers. Is eichfelder insured? "With our flat ones we had to reckon with contributing around 40,000 euros a year." This is probably just too expensive for the farms.
Wednesday's bad weather also caused damage to hallstadt's vegetable growers. Obviously, however, not in such proportions as with eichfelder, show the statements of the hallstadt chairman of the bavarian farmers' association, wolfgang hofmann. His fields are located north of hallstadt, eichfelders in the south, which together with the hallstadt center and commercial area was most affected. Hofmann will probably only be able to offer and consume lettuce that has been perforated by hail within the family circle. It will take time for the vegetable growers to deal with the consequences of the storm.
It is settled at least for the many honorary fire-brigade people, who had engaged themselves there together with the task forces from hallstadt and dorfleins.

Weirs well occupied

As hallstadt's second-in-command wolfgang kohmann reports, the city's firefighters alone – who had received support from a number of others in the surrounding area – were able to fill the tank from 12 onward.38 o'clock to 21 o'clock in action. The reason were mainly full cellars. How could it come to this?
We have inquired with district fire chief bernhard ziegmann. According to this, the wind first swept leaves from the trees on wednesday. Then it hailed. Hailstones and leaves clogged drains. Therefore water could not flow away. "And then came the downpour. There the water ran freely into the cellar."
Hallstadt's second kohmann adds: "the water had nowhere to go." Because of this, and partly because of malfunctioning flaps, cellars were affected.
Pumping out takes between a quarter of an hour and an hour, depending on the situation the crews have to deal with.
Kohmann's basic advice to homeowners is to place electrical equipment as high as possible so that it doesn't get wet. Cartons should also be stored high and preferably on shelves so that they do not get soaked. It is good when cellars are not blocked and above all when there is no junk standing around "this helps us firefighters during operations."
Even the firefighters themselves are not immune to flooded cellars. There have been a number of such cases in the hallstadt fire department.
Kohmann has another important tip for homeowners: "it's best to take two or three photos of the firefighting operation, as this can help with insurance later on." The operations themselves, so the further demand, are free of charge for the affected, so ziegmann. Keyword "higher violence.

120 liters in 40 minutes

How much has it actually rained in hallstadt?? The deputy commander cannot give a clear answer to this question: "it was very different." Near the borstig seven liters were measured, at the grundleinsbach it was already 30 liters, at other places 50 liters and more. Kreisbrandrat ziegmann, in turn, had also been told of 120 liters per square meter and within only 40 minutes.
For mayor thomas soder (CSU), it was the worst storm the 40-year-old can remember. And even for his mother, who has been living in hallstadt for a much longer time, it was the most violent so far. Within a small area it had probably rained the heaviest in and around hallstadt, little further only thundered.
He is happy about the helpfulness of the foreign defense. "The municipalities help each other in such cases." He had experienced on wednesday a rough community and uncomplicated help. He only hopes "that nothing more will come now."
District fire chief ziegmann notes with satisfaction that the "storm" roll-off container purchased by the district and deposited in scheblitz has proved its worth in handling the storm in hallstadt again preserved.


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