Bahr defends draft law on assisted suicide

Bahr defends draft law on assisted suicide

"It is not the goal to turn doctors into assisted suicides," bahr told the "passauer neue presse" (monday). The draft law from the FDP-led ministry of justice provides for doctors and nurses to be allowed to support assisted suicide without penalty in exceptional cases. This should always be the case if they have been particularly close to the patient for a long time. Strongly criticized by doctors’ officials and patient protection groups.

Much of the debate is deliberately misunderstood, said bahr. A legal framework should be created "so that euthanasia does not become a business model".

Coburg district councilor akin: “what we need now is good advertising”

coburg district councilor akin:

The request to examine the possibility of introducing a call-sharing cab (AST) in the district of coburg comes from kanat akin. The 31-year-old from neustadt is a member of the SPD parliamentary group in the district council and the youth representative for the district of coburg. He is "really excited", how the new local transport service will develop.

How close is the call-sharing cab to what you envision as the ideal service for the younger generation??

Forchheim is overrun by ice planning

Forchheim is overrun by ice planning

In the conference room of the construction office, meter-long tarpaulins hang on the partition walls. As inscrutable as the circuit diagram of a model railroad. "Even for us, it's not easy to understand at a glance", admits gerhard zedler, head of the building authority. It is the route planning for the ICE between forchheim-nord and kersbach that is in question. And the latter makes oberburgermeister franz stumpf (CSU/WUO) involuntarily derail: "da konnt' ich aus der haut fahren" (I could go out of my skin), zurnt stumpf with a view to the long distances that people with disabilities will have to walk to get from the planned commuter parking lot to the new kersbach platform: 700 meters, with a high overhead winding "an impertinence", also comments building authority director zedler.This means that the planning from 1996 has deteriorated: at that time, an underpass was to be built to the other side of the track, with a platform connection and elevators in the middle.

Now the station will be moved to the area north of the road and the access will also be on the north side of the bridge access road. The bus stop is then no longer at the top of the bridge but at the fub of the bridge access road. From the commuter parking lot planned to the west of the tracks, you can reach the bridge via a staircase and then take an elevator down to the platform in the middle of the passageway.
Even more complicated is the description of the route for the handicapped, which was criticized at the beginning: they first have to walk from the parking lot under the bridge, then up a ramp on street level to the bridge, cross it, and then walk down again on the other side, cross the roadway there, and get back onto the bridge on the opposite side, again via a ramp. Only from there, in the middle, the elevator goes down to the platform.

Giant hornets killed at least 42 people in china

giant hornets killed at least 42 people in china

Over the summer and early fall, more than 1,600 people were injured and more than 200 were treated in hospitals, according to the chinese ministry of health in beijing. Why the hornets suddenly attacked so many people was initially unclear.

In summer and early fall, according to chinese media reports, the hornets flew into schools and attacked farmers in their fields. "They went for my head and sat on my legs. I couldn’t move," the farmer mu conghui described an attack near the city of ankang to the official xinhua news agency. For two months, she has been treated in a hospital, including dialysis. She still can not move her legs again.

Rodelsee’s mayor: wanted less, now got more

Rodelsee's mayor, burkhard klein, receives 4250 euros a month in compensation for his work. In addition, a flat-rate travel allowance of 150 euros was paid. This was the result of the renewed vote in the municipal council after the inaugural meeting on 4. No agreement could be reached on may. Interesting: at that time, klein had only wanted 3850 euros. The council had already set the deputy's compensation at ten percent of that of the mayor.

In the may meeting, eight new council members and four "old" council members had voted against the motion to decide on the compensation for the loss of the company. A sum within a range of 3114.15 and 4671.24 euros is possible. Most recently, mayor burkhard klein had received 4067.57 euros. Klein had proposed 3850 euros for himself. Klein also wanted to continue to waive the reimbursement of travel and travel expenses.

Accident: one seriously and one slightly injured

There was an accident on state road 2302 on thursday, as the hammelburg police reported in their press report. Involved in the head-on collision were a quad and a passenger car. The driver of the quad was seriously injured and the 25-year-old car driver was slightly injured. The quad rider was around 15.15 o'clock from schwarzelbach in the direction of wartmannsroth on the road and wanted to overtake a tractor. According to the police, he apparently overlooked the oncoming car, and its driver was unable to prevent a head-on collision. The person who caused the accident was injured so badly, but not life-threatening, and was flown to a clinic by rescue helicopter. After the accident, the 25-year-old went to a hospital for treatment. Both vehicles involved were no longer roadworthy and had to be towed away. The quad and the car have been economically damaged. The total amount of damage is estimated at around 35,000 euros. In addition to the police and the rescue service, the volunteer fire department from schwarzelbach also took part in the operation. 

Coburg serves tyrolean knodel and sube klob’

Coburg serves tyrolean knodel and sube klob'

Coburg – anyone approaching coburg's marketplace early saturday afternoon could already smell the aroma of klob mit sob' and various roasts. The beiersdorf musicians, on the other hand, made their way through the corridor to the coburg klobmarkt with their lively music. It was that time again: from the famous "slide all the way to the "breckalasklob, so a chunk of breadcrumbs, no wishes were left unfulfilled for the fans of the strong content specialty. In addition, there were various roasts, from deer, pigs, cattle – served with and without dunkelbiersobe.
But that was by no means the end of the story: in addition to traditional specialties, one and the other curiosity mingled among the dishes. So at the stand of the ratskeller there was a klob with vanilla and/or chocolate sauce to taste. "The idea came out of a whim of my life", says the head susanne quinger. "We wanted to try something subes." Said, done: a few guests tested the suben klob and found it to be good.

Not everyone's cup of tea

Consumption to fall permanently

Consumption to fall permanently

Twelve municipalities and municipal associations from upper and lower franconia joined forces three years ago to form an energy efficiency network (we reported). Now the implementation phase is getting underway. The partners are committed to driving forward the energy revolution and identifying potential savings with the aim of permanently reducing their own consumption. What is often difficult for municipalities to implement on their own should be easier in a group.
Cooperation in the "municipal energy efficiency network of upper franconia (keeno) is extensively subsidized by the federal ministry of the environment.

Experts on board

The municipalities are supported by the northern bavaria energy agency based in kulmbach. The experts will tell you how to correctly measure consumption in your properties. Potential savings are to be identified and concrete measures implemented with professional support.
As network manager wolfgang bohm said at the signing of the contract at the himmelkron "frankenfarm the project is also a good opportunity to discuss specific issues and share experiences at quarterly meetings. External experts should also have their say. "Finally, each participating municipality is to have its own energy officer."
Wolfgang bohm knows the problem: "especially in smaller communities, hardly any records are kept of energy consumption, and comparisons over several years are even rarer." He knows how important it is to meticulously assess the situation, especially at the beginning of the project.
District administrator klaus peter sollner spoke of a win-win situation: "this network will be successful, i'm quite sure of it."
Markus ruckdeschel from the northern bavaria energy agency emphasized that each participating municipality has contributed a building pool to the network. It is important to record the energy consumption in the municipal properties and to know what is happening in the buildings throughout the year. "The essential thing is that we accompany the municipalities in the analysis of weak points. They will receive a neutral
expertise from auben, for example, on how to regulate heat distribution in a school more sensibly.

Outstanding young craftsmen

Outstanding young craftsmen

The chamber of handicrafts has honored 52 chamber winners. "The journeyman’s examination is only one stage of the ‘tour of working life’. But they mastered this first stage very well." This is how the president of the chamber of handicrafts for upper franconia, thomas zimmer, congratulated the young craftsmen and women who passed their final examinations in 2018 as the best in their trade in the chamber’s district. Among them were eleven journeymen and women from upper franconia who had won the state or even the national championship.

"It’s important for us to recognize and reward our successful young talent", thomas zimmer emphasized. For this award makes the good achievements that have been made in vocational training visible for a broader circle. "This helps us and our businesses and increases the perception and appreciation of vocational training."