The cycle path network in kulmbach continues to grow

the cycle path network in kulmbach continues to grow

The network of bike paths around kulmbach is growing. Work has begun on a pedestrian and bicycle path on highway 85 between losau and kirchleus. With this and a later planned second construction phase, a continuous connection from kulmbach to the county border at weibenbrunn is to be created.

The first construction phase, which is scheduled for completion in the middle of next year, is a project in the program "construction of footpaths and cycle paths on federal and state roads". Between losau and kirchleus, however, the bike path will not run parallel to the federal highway: according to the city of kulmbach, the land negotiations were difficult. Therefore, the new, approximately 1.5 kilometer long route will only partly run along the road, but also partly over existing field and forest paths, which will be upgraded for this purpose.

The plan includes not only the new bike path with a two-and-a-half-meter wide asphalt roadway, but also several crossing aids, i.E. Traffic islands in the middle of the roadway, which are to provide more safety at the entrances to each town.

Traffic obstructions

The construction of the cycle path will not be without traffic obstructions, as segfried beck, head of department at the bayreuth road construction office, made clear. These will initially be restricted to a speed limit, which is necessary because bushes will be cleared and trees felled directly along the road. According to beck, the road in the area of the cemetery parking lot in kirchleus will have to be completely closed several times next week for a few minutes at a time due to tree felling work. During the construction of the crossing aids, there will be half-way closures with traffic light control.

As part of the construction of the bike path, the road through losau is also to be rehabilitated.

1.5 million euros cost

The first phase of construction, costing a total of around 1.5 million euros, was planned by the company engineers singer consult. The work is carried out by the company radlinger straben- und tiefbau in selbitz. The cost is borne by the federal republic of germany. According to mayor henry schramm, the city’s financial contribution is "in the five-digit range".

Schramm said he was pleased that the project had been included in the program with a high degree of urgency. "With the bike path, we can significantly increase safety for cyclists and better connect kirchleus to the city of kulmbach."

A second construction phase is in the planning stage. This will continue the cycle path to the county border. According to department head beck, the construction of a walking and biking trail from there to weibenbrunn is also in a concrete planning phase. The state building authority of bamberg is responsible for this.


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