Sommerach tennis department now only with five teams

At the annual meeting of the tennis department of the SV-DJK sommerach, department head andreas durr buried honorary members erich heinlein and winfried kraus, according to a press release. Before he looked back on the past year, he remembered the members karin wolfel and peter herget who had died during this period.

The head of the department thanked the numerous helpers, whose efforts he praised in particular in the repair of the grounds and at the various sporting and social events. He paid special tribute to erich and jutta heinlein for their commitment to the maintenance of the grounds. He appealed to the members to take the cleanliness of the facility and the generally renovated tennis hut even more to heart. A special cleaning plan and a list of helpers will be helpful in this regard.

Men’s team promoted

Sports director christian hartner highlighted in his review of the seven teams involved in the 2019 season in the registration games by name the men’s team, which has achieved promotion to the district class 1. He also praised the U12 team, which finished in third place. According to hartner, the mixed competition following the association round met with a positive response. For the summer round 2020 only five teams could be registered, namely U 12, women, men, men 40 and men 65.

In the club championships, kilian hartner won the men’s title for the first time, defeating his father christian hartner in the final. In the women’s competition, heike prestele took revenge against jennifer engert for the final defeat suffered last year and won the coveted winner’s trophy. Titleholders in the various junior classes were ferdinand pfaff, jonathan durr, cora kraus and emil breitschopf.

Tennis department back in the black

Treasurer carsten heinlein was able to present pleasing figures in his annual report. Despite the effort to rehabilitate the tennis club, the 146-member department is now in the black again. This was made possible not least thanks to the support of the main association.

Head of department andreas durr then announced the dates already set for 2020. On 25. April the season is opened with a secco tournament. Weather permitting, the first ball is to be thrown on the 21st. The restoration of the squares will begin in march.

The club championships were scheduled as follows: 29. June to 17. July: preliminary round; 18. July: semi-final; 19. July: finals. On 1. August friendly match scheduled at TC aisch. In conclusion, the head of department raised the question of whether a ball-throwing machine should be purchased. However, no decision has yet been taken on this issue.

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