Zeil’s building committee in conflict

The building committee of the zeil city council had a rather long agenda in its first meeting after the "summer break" to edit. This involved possible garden houses in the moat garden, a play hall, the requested renaming of a street name, and numerous building applications.

The former cake studio in augsfelder weg wanted to turn a company into a gambling hall and submitted an application for change of use. The members of the building committee made no secret of their opposition to gambling halls as a whole. However, because such an amusement facility in a commercial area has a chance of being approved, they took a closer look at the project.

Building committee rejects

The committee members are particularly critical of the park situation. The local located in the other part of the same building is currently closed, but the restaurant operation is approved and can be resumed at any time, so that in any case sufficient parking spaces for a possible change of use in the other part of the building would have to be demanded. The application for a change of use was unanimously rejected by the building committee. The final assessment and decision, however, falls to higher authorities.

The project to erect a garden shed on one of the garden plots of the zeiler grabengarten was a matter of permission under monument protection law. The grabengarten falls within the scope of the old town bylaws of zeil and one geratehaus per plot is allowed there.

Across the creek

Now, however, there are two plots of land that extend across the creek. One of the two has now been leased by the applicant. The tenant of the other half of the plot already has a garden house and so the applicant would have to store his garden equipment in the open if the regulations were strictly interpreted. The regulation is intended to prevent the creation of regular weekend arbors in the allotment gardens. At the same time, the city officials are happy about every new tenant, because some of the gardens are no longer being cultivated.

The committee members agreed that one of the two hobby gardeners could not be disadvantaged in the case of the two plots of land crossing the creek and approved the garden house, which otherwise fully complies with the specifications.

Two become one

Actually, a zeiler farmer wanted to build two bull fattening barns in the foreseeable future, the preliminary application for the first is currently at the district office for review. Now a change was presented to the building committee to combine the intended animal husbandry under one roof. The previously requested 45 by 15 meters has now become 45 by 26 meters. 156 bull mast places are to be created there. If you use a feeding robot, a maximum of 192 animals were possible, tobias hetterich explained in response to a question from the committee.
The project is to be implemented in two construction phases, as previously planned, but the operating family wanted to combine the approval procedures. The building committee agreed.

There was some need for discussion regarding the application for the construction of a manager's apartment for a dental practice in the grobera commercial area. This is to be accommodated in a separate building of considerable dimensions. On the one hand, this was of course a commitment to the location, but on the other hand, the building authorities warned against too many apartments in commercial areas. These could certainly have negative effects on the settlement plans of companies.

The manager's apartments were actually only allowed to be occupied by the manager himself. More and more often, however, the business closes and the apartment is rented out. Since in this area of the grobera, because of its proximity to the old town, only "quiet" noise is allowed anyway the building committee nevertheless approved the construction project.

No to new dedication

The city council had already dealt with a proposal from old burgermeister erich gebner in june. Gebner liked that the "messerschmidtsgraben" renamed "freyungsweg. This was the second change of name, as it was not until 1991 that the former "morethweg" became the "HEC" the messerschmidtsgraben. At that time there was also a discussion about a naming with reference to the old freyung, but the city council decided to honor the merits of the messerschmidt family accordingly.
Because changing the name of a street involves a lot of legwork and correspondence for residents, the city council decided to first talk to all residents and then discuss how to proceed in the building committee.
Several residents had turned all but one house number against the city – and they did so disapprovingly.
It was also pointed out that renaming usually only takes place if the person giving the name is a controversial figure who, from the city's point of view, is not worthy of this special honor. The members of the building committee did not want to give this impression, nor did they want to act against the will of the residents and therefore rejected the application.


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