Bad kissingen golf club prepares for the future

bad kissingen golf club prepares for the future

The golf club bad kissingen has the most important mabnahmen of the "projekt platz 2020" completed. He has now told the press. This is to secure the future of the golf club and the club facilities, it says.

An english head greenskeeper was hired for the new course maintenance structure. Oko-dynamic principles apply. Work on a new irrigation system began in 2016. The bunkers were built according to the english concept with steep walls. The gruns, some of which are already 100 years old, received a new ocological processing concept. The layout of the runways was redesigned to better fit into the park landscape. In the "golf&" project nature" the golf club received the desired silver certificate in may 2018. . In addition, in coordination with the bund naturschutz, bird stands and insect hotels were set up and a stone landscape for small animals was created.

One of our main objectives was to ensure traffic safety and to introduce a health protection system. For traffic safety the new construction of paths, as service roads and connecting paths between the courses belonged. Also a technical plan for the maintenance and servicing of the machinery, the golf course and the buildings, with expert advice from an occupational safety specialist. Stairs to the tees were renewed and natural material was used. A bridge over the lollbach, donated by members, was renewed as a wooden structure.

In the area of health protection for members, guests and employees, a first aid team of employees was trained. In addition to the occupational safety specialist, a general practitioner for health protection was recruited. Thanks to a donation, a defibrillator was purchased – a very sensible and necessary purchase for the club’s age structure, according to the press release.

To improve the condition of the course, the driving range teeline was rebuilt and a "par 3 6-hole short course" was added so that now golf beginners, teenagers, pros with their students and old golfers now have a choice of training facilities for all types of the game.
Finally, the golf club’s homepage was given a facelift.

All this is only possible because there is a team of professional helpers who work on a voluntary basis and because the members donate generously, says the golf club. For example, it has been offered to take over the sponsorship of lanes. Three members and the wednesday men’s golfers had taken advantage of this opportunity. A large number of members have donated to the project for a specific purpose. The financing was then finally secured with the sparkasse bad kissingen.

In total, the four-man core team and up to 15 other volunteers have so far put in over 2835 hours of work, free of charge for the club.


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