An ensemble of students

An ensemble of students

In the series "buhne frei we present weekly theater groups, individual artists and other ensembles from city and county. There are also theater professionals at the university of bamberg: the bamberg university english drama group (BUEDG) is based at the chair of english literary studies and belongs to the interessengemeinschaft freie darstellende kunstler (association of independent performing artists). In an interview, BUEDG treasurer gisela hirschmann-raithel, writer kerstin-anja munderlein and this year's director alice limmer describe what makes this theater group tick.

What is special about your ensemble?

Hirschmann-raithel/mun- derlein: the special thing about our ensemble is that it is a purely student composition of actors that changes from semester to semester. And of course the english language.

How did your passion for the performing arts develop??

The theater circle was founded in 1984, from that year on there were annual performances, in 1996 an association was founded. The initiators and members are recruited from the department of english literary studies together with the lecturer of english linguistics. In the meantime, many staff members of the institute of english studies and former students have joined the ensemble.

With the founding of the association, the desire of the students to intensify their language learning, to deepen their knowledge in cultural and literary education and to present it on a stage was fulfilled. Even though the ensemble is constantly reassembled, there are actors who have been in the show for their entire studies.

What are your next projects?

Our summer production this year is "rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead" by tom stoppard. The time and place for this year's event have not yet been finalized. Usually our performances take place in different venues, in the period of end of july or beginning of july. End of january the selection of the pieces and the implementation for the stage will be decided and worked out in the ensemble. Also for the other logistics such as direction, dramaturgy, stage design and technology, costumes, etc. Is the ensemble responsible. In principle, very different pieces will be presented: both modern and classical, comody or tragedy.

What stage experience will you not soon forget??

Limmer: one of my special stage experiences is from my first production with the drama group. I played only a small supporting role, a captured amazon warrior who was tortured and had her neck broken at the end of the scene.

As a small sound effect, while i was apparently having my neck broken, another actor on stage – visible to all – crushed a plastic bottle. We had already rehearsed this scene many times, so it was nothing special for me, but during the performance, a shocked murmur went through the audience and it took a moment for everyone to discover the trick. Such moments, where you as a performer on the stage really spurt, as the audience along-fever and can be drawn by us into another world, regardless of whether this world is already or not, are for me really something special.

Where do you want to be in five years??

Hirschmann-raithel/mun- derlein: we hope that the students' interest in rehearsing and presenting plays will continue and that we will see many more interesting plays.


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