Coburg serves tyrolean knodel and sube klob’

Coburg serves tyrolean knodel and sube klob'

Coburg – anyone approaching coburg's marketplace early saturday afternoon could already smell the aroma of klob mit sob' and various roasts. The beiersdorf musicians, on the other hand, made their way through the corridor to the coburg klobmarkt with their lively music. It was that time again: from the famous "slide all the way to the "breckalasklob, so a chunk of breadcrumbs, no wishes were left unfulfilled for the fans of the strong content specialty. In addition, there were various roasts, from deer, pigs, cattle – served with and without dunkelbiersobe.
But that was by no means the end of the story: in addition to traditional specialties, one and the other curiosity mingled among the dishes. So at the stand of the ratskeller there was a klob with vanilla and/or chocolate sauce to taste. "The idea came out of a whim of my life", says the head susanne quinger. "We wanted to try something subes." Said, done: a few guests tested the suben klob and found it to be good.

Not everyone's cup of tea

Not in great quantities, but nevertheless it finds its buyers on the job market. But he is not everyone's cup of tea. Service worker marina muller from michelau, for example, has traumatic childhood memories of a similar court case: "because i had so little as a child, my grandmother told me i had to have a milk bath with clotted cream", she says. A milchbruh' is simply a sube sobe made of milk. "When I tried the whole thing I thought, now they want to kill me." This was not the case, but klobe are indeed not part of marina muller's body food until today.
Italian dishes such as klob pizza from the restaurant krautergarten, which is only available on fridays, or klob gnocchi, are also represented.
Whether they were the forerunners for the guests from gais in sudtirol, who presented their specialties at the klobmarkt for the first time this year as part of the 40-year city partnership with coburg? Probably not. And yet, the bacon and press knodel of the funfkopfigen knodelteam came well with the coburgers.

The knodel recipe

Margarete regensberger is the local farmer of gais. She tells us her recipe for the delicious speckknodel: bread, sudtiroler speck, eggs and solid "kaminwurz'n", a smoked sausage, belong in it. "Flour, water and lots of chives are used to make the dough into knodeln", explains the local farmer. Anschliebend land the bacon knodel in heibem water and are cooked. I also have a cabbage salad at the klossmarkt. And another pressknodel , in which among other things graukase is included.
Margit hampp from nortlingen has snatched a sudtirolean plate for herself. "The knodel are simply precious", she says. Together with her husband johann, she visits her son peter and her daughter-in-law christina in kaltenbrunn, from where the whole family including her parents-in-law anita and robert behringer cycled to coburg. "I ate sliders earlier. They are so tasty and simply my favorite", says anita behringer and laughs.

Ambitious goal set

Klaus kosian from coburg visits the klossmarkt with his wife tanja bachmann for the third time in a row. This year he has set himself an ambitious goal: at every stand he wants to try a klob with sob'. "I ate the first klob on friday. It was a klob with brockala from the klobkuche." His wife tanja laughs and says: "it will certainly be a carbohydrate-filled weekend for him." Even a tafelspitz from restaurant rosengarten.
Next up is a coburg slide by klaus kosian, closely followed by the tyrolean knodels. He is still silent about the coburg klobe and the neustadt klobe from the lindenhof – after all, not all klobmarkt days are over yet.


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