What 2020 will bring to the bamberg district

What 2020 will bring to the bamberg district

The year 2020 is upon us. So once again it’s high time to stir the coffee grounds, polish the crystal ball, shuffle the tarot cards and throw the I-ging oracle sticks. We will see what we will get out of it. In the past few years, virtually nothing of what was promised has come to pass. Luckily. But 2020 can only get worse. Or better. January

The beginning of the year is dominated by the municipal elections. The election campaign picks up speed. Above all, the district council candidates come up with a lot of ideas. They make proposals to the voters that they cannot refuse. And that is why none of the political opponents contradicts too loudly. The beginning makes johann kalb (CSU). To get rid of the heavy discussion about the regional bus station (ROB), he wants to demolish the landratsamt to use the area for the ROB. The district office is to be temporarily housed in buttenheim until a new building is constructed on the muna site. Some grumble, but no one has a better idea to realize the ROB before 2031. February

Even the SPD can’t say no to a ROB at the train station. Your candidate andreas schwarz has demanded this himself. But he wants it "directly at the station". So he proposes to move the train station to the atrium during the ICE expansion and to convert the train station into the district administration office. The closing of the ring seems to everyone to be a good idea, and schwarz first goes to berlin to negotiate with the railroad company. Marz

The election date is approaching. As a joker, bernd fricke (grune) draws the opnv map. The e-car fleet is to be expanded and the vehicles will be used as call cabs in all towns and villages in the district. The 365-euro ticket for everyone is being introduced. Those who demonstrably cover as many kilometers by bike as by e-taxi will receive an additional 50 percent discount. There are a few doubters, but in the last meeting of the old district council, the immediate implementation is decided unanimously. April

The elections have taken place, but the votes are still not paid out, because almost all the election workers are on the road as volunteer drivers of the call cabs. The county councilors and local politicians still in office until the end of april agree, however, that there is no hurry to do so. Because rough ideas have never been implemented as harmoniously as in the past few months. Things are happening in the district. That’s why everyone just wants to keep going. May

Now bruno kellner also wants to step it up a notch. He is sure that he has won the county council election, but with the current system he sees a better chance of implementing his ideas. He proposes that all wishes be fulfilled, which must not cost anything. "Yes, it’s christmas again!, think the others. There is no opposition, however. Kellner’s first wish is that the telephone and electronic mailbox in the newly created burgerwunschamt in the bunker of the landratsamt be disconnected. The wish is granted to him naturally. June

Deputy county councilor johann pfister (BBL) notes that the term of office of the county councilor has already expired more than a month ago. Since the old district council is still acting on a provisional basis due to the lack of votes for the new one, and he is the highest representative elected by this body, he will now manage the business in the district council office. Surprisingly, johann kalb remains silent, but laughs to himself because he knows that the store will soon be torn down anyway. He has already ordered the demolition excavators for the summer vacations. And for the temporary new office in his house in buttenheim he will certainly not print out the keys. July

Kalb still wants something as a farewell gift: a beer culture center. The county council grants him a beer brewing set, a beer cellar set and a beer cookbook – combined with the wish that he make everything available to an interested public in the future provisional office room. August

The wrecking balls smash unabashedly into the masonry of the district administration office. Because the move to the temporary facility was not yet possible due to the lack of a final handover, all of the furniture was also destroyed. September

The supreme election authority is trying to find out in bamberg when the votes from the county council and district council elections will finally be paid out. But no one can be reached. Representatives of the electoral commission, accompanied by a special police task force, find only the trummers of the district administration office left. An excavator driver who is about to start removing the rubble mountain gives you the mobile phone number of johann kalb. He states that he has nothing more to do with the matter and that he will be in biervana (india) for an indefinite period of time and that one should please contact his deputy. October

At an on-site meeting of the election commission with johann pfister, it becomes clear that all the ballots from the municipal elections must be at the very bottom of the still coarse pile of trumbs. Because they were apparently last deposited in the wunschebunker. Even if the debris could be removed more quickly, they were unlikely to be salvaged before christmas. November

Typical november sadness: no one wants to do anything anymore. Nothing is going ahead anyway. Veterans of the county council meet for a beer at a secret location in the county. When they realize that their numbers are sufficient for a quorum, one of them comes up with the idea of at least deciding to build the ROB now. Another thinks the reconstruction of the district administration office must have priority. Whether another proposal to build the johann kalb memorial beer culture center on the site of the former district office was serious or not can no longer be clarified. It comes to the heated discussion, to the open argument and finally the seidla fly. December

The year 2020, which began so peacefully and productively in county politics, ends in chaos. And when the ballots are finally uncovered, they can be buried at a contemplative christmas bonfire at the future ROB. Because the supreme election commission has decided that the county council and district elections in bamberg must be repeated in 2021. The election campaign can begin again.


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