Accident: one seriously and one slightly injured

There was an accident on state road 2302 on thursday, as the hammelburg police reported in their press report. Involved in the head-on collision were a quad and a passenger car. The driver of the quad was seriously injured and the 25-year-old car driver was slightly injured. The quad rider was around 15.15 o'clock from schwarzelbach in the direction of wartmannsroth on the road and wanted to overtake a tractor. According to the police, he apparently overlooked the oncoming car, and its driver was unable to prevent a head-on collision. The person who caused the accident was injured so badly, but not life-threatening, and was flown to a clinic by rescue helicopter. After the accident, the 25-year-old went to a hospital for treatment. Both vehicles involved were no longer roadworthy and had to be towed away. The quad and the car have been economically damaged. The total amount of damage is estimated at around 35,000 euros. In addition to the police and the rescue service, the volunteer fire department from schwarzelbach also took part in the operation. 

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