A self-experiment in reading by jean paul

A self-experiment in reading by jean paul

"The field preacher schmelzle's journey to flatz" is freshly printed, bound with a thousand angsthaschen, which also hop through the accompanying satirical pictures of stephan klenner-otto, the illustrator to whom an exhibition is now dedicated in the coburg city library. Klenner-ottos angsthaschen twist the psychopath systematically and very pleasurably a long whistle. – but enough looking, now it's time to read, too, read jean paul.

Quite honestly, I could now quote ellenlanges, verschachteltes to them schwurbelt. I have – mindful of the admonitions – read everything slowly a second time, which is actually not a bad practice. One comes into jean paul's sog and finds precious treasures of words and absurd scurrilities, which the jean paul connoisseurs always promise us.

In the blatant contradiction between the language tone of the 18. The project seems strangely modern in view of the twentieth century and the rebellious insubordination with which the quirky upper franconian defied everything. Imagine the following: "how terrible was not my imagination already in childhood, where I, when the pastor addressed the silent church in one go, often had the thought: "how, if you now virtually shouted from the church chair: I am also there, mr. Pastor!" So glowing that I had to go out in horror!" So let jean paul schmelzle talk right at the beginning. – was the guy not in the wrong time? And what was he going to say with the usual impudence of today??

Obsessions and hypochondriacal attacks
In the "circular letter of the presumed catechetical professor attila schmelzle to his friends" the supposed editor defends himself verbosely and imaginatively against all-sided slander, he had run away from his office fearfully as a field preacher, however, he comes only muhsam before loud compulsive ideas and hypochondriac fits to the actual happening.

In the stagecoach that is to take him to flatz, he also encounters a "red-coated blind passenger, probably an emigre, or a refugie (…) either named jean pierre or jean paul unfahr or completely nameless". The dubious, presumably hostile figure stalking him has already met him five times in his life "in berlin, in the small town of hof, koburg, meiningen and baireuth". Thus it goes on various levels, until also the consciousness of the today's reader loosely shuffles itself.

Completely absurdly, fubnotes are placed under jean paul's text, under number 14, for example: "some poets, while painting bad characters, often get into imitating them in the same way that children, when they dream of pissing, really let their water out."

Jean Paul himself explains in his preface, that the typesetter has "or digressions" of his own thoughts supplied by him on separate sheets of paper, with which he had not wanted to disturb the field preacher's report, so arbitrary in content, but nevertheless evenly distributed over all pages. Thus, when reading between the multi-layered main text and the notes below the line, whimsical associations and ever more gymnastics of thought arise.

Summary of this self-experiment: try jean paul just once. But watch the dose.

Jean Paul: the field preacher schmelzle's journey to flatz. With illustrations by stephan klenner-otto and an afterword by Alexander Kosenina. Insel verlag berlin, 18 pages, 14,95 euro.


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