No team left out

No team left out

"I spent my youth on the main and with the handball players", tells karlheinz menger – and his face is beaming and he looks as if he doesn't want to miss a minute of it. For over 50 years he has been loyal to his club, the gymnastics club 1861 marktsteft, and has already experienced a lot together with them. At the annual general meeting on friday evening he was awarded the golden pin of honor of the association for special merits. "He did a lot as a youth coach for many years, coordinator on the court and helper in the club", said the chairman gunther thorwarth in his laudation.

The 1939 born TV-urgestein from marktsteft remembers gladly old times: "we played in former times handball-grobfeld with eleven men on the place down at the main, that knows today almost nobody more." In his early days at TV, grobfeld handball was played outdoors, later also in the old gymnasium in neubaustrabe (today's reservist home) and after the new building in 1990 in the multi-purpose hall, which belongs to the city. Menger was always there. He played with the schoolboys, in the youth (C-youth for eight years), in the 1st team and in the first team. And 2. Team and with the old men. "Until I was 45 years old, I played as an active handball player", he tells proudly. For eight years, he was also in charge of the old men's team, after which he continued to work as a referee for his club. His position was mainly center forward.

"We marktstefter always played high class handball, in the county we are always next to rodelsee at the top", he recounts. He thinks it's right that the club, founded in 1926, stayed true to handball and didn't get bogged down with fubball.

Success proves him and the club right. The TV has today 624 members (and this with 1400 inhabitants in marktsteft) and provides at present 15 handball teams. Menger, who has also made a name for himself as a town leader and museum employee in marktsteft, is a living lexicon of TV and has seen many top athletes come and go. For example, he also remembers the exceptional athlete dirk nowitzky from wurzburg, who plays top-class basketball in america: "dirk also started out as a handball player – like his father, against whom i once played handball myself."


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