Czech government survives fourth vote of no confidence

czech government survives fourth vote of no confidence

After a heated seven-hour debate, 89 deputies voted in favor of the social democrats’ motion of censure instead of the required 101. It was the fourth vote of no confidence against the necas government since it took office two years ago.

The social democrats had based their motion on accusations against finance minister miroslav kalousek. He allegedly tried to influence police investigations against his party colleague and ex-defense minister vlasta parkanova. It is about the allegedly overpriced purchase of four transport planes for the czech army in 2009.

"No one in the czech republic is slowing down or preventing investigations of criminal offenses, including corruption offenses," affirmed head of government necas. The establishment of a parliamentary committee of inquiry into the corruption affair was, however, rejected by the majority of the government. In front of the delegates, necas also campaigned for a continuation of his austerity measures and a responsible economic policy.


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