Award for a “super networker

Award for a 'super networker

She was totally surprised when the news came in. “You don”t expect something like this,” says astrid glos. Yesterday she was presented with the silver constitutional medal by ilse aigner, president of the state parliament, in munich.

At the beginning of december, the news arrived in the glos house. "It"s nice that someone thought of me," comments the business graduate, who is involved in various associations, clubs and institutions for the good of the community. "Mrs. Glos has rendered great service to the city and district of kitzingen through her many years of social, local political and cultural commitment," said aigner in the senate chamber of the maximilianeum. In fact, the 62-year-old is active in many ways. Your motivation? "People are important to me," she says. "I like to listen and then try to look for solutions."

She experienced a kind of initial spark for her social commitment in her youth. After the confirmation, the question arose as to who wanted to get involved in social work in the future. Astrid glos volunteered – and helped out in the kindergarten once a week. "I"m on fire for different things," says the kitzingen native. This is easily demonstrated by her curriculum vitae. From 1998 to 2017, astrid glos was a member of the executive board of the arbeiterwohlfahrt (workers" welfare association). One of the first to be taken is the current chairman of the district association, gerald mohrlein. "Astrid glos speaks her mind clearly and fights vehemently for the things that are important to her," he explains. She is involved in many areas, for example as a secretary in the district association, and is extremely well networked. "Above all, she is never too shy to lend a hand," mohrlein is pleased to say. Glos is always in the forefront when it comes to setting up and dismantling festivities. No wonder ilse aigner praised glos" work for the AWO. "She has always set lasting accents there."

Since 2006, she has been a member of the church board of the evangelische stadtkirche kitzingen and has led the kitzinger arbeitslosenfruhstuck since 2011. Petra hosch from the diakonie in kitzingen remembers those early days, when services were organized together. "She is a super networker," she said of the honoree. Glos is always open to new impulses and ideas and always pursues the goal of getting things moving in kitzingen – especially for the socially weaker members of society.

In addition, the 62-year-old is active in local politics. She has been a member of the kitzingen city council since 2008, where she currently serves as chairwoman of the SPD faction, and has also been a county councilor since 2014.

"In all her activities and tasks, she pays special attention to the socially disadvantaged, especially young people, women and families", says aigner. In this sense, she is also the chairwoman of the forderverein der st.Hedwig elementary school and played a decisive role in the establishment of an open all-day school. "That was very important to us," says glos. Principal andrea lorey describes glos as a "strong personality who is committed to the st. Hedwig elementary school feels very connected."She had introduced homework and lunch supervision when there was still no talk of it in kitzingen. "The weakest in society were and are always close to her heart," emphasizes lorey, recalling that glos initially provided homework supervision for needy children and went on to develop lunchtime supervision at school. As the city"s integration commissioner, glos struggled to get children into lunchtime care free of charge during the wave of refugees. "Astrid glos is a woman who intervenes in a positive sense and fights for her ideas," says lorey. She always looks at what is needed – by the children, the people with a migration background and many others.

Glos puts a lot of heart and soul into integration. As the city council’s integration officer, she is committed to the interests of foreigners and tolerant coexistence. "With this task, she assumes an important advisory and mediating function," said ilse aigner, president of the state parliament, at the award ceremony. Without a strong network and several supporters all this would not be possible, female glos. She is all the more disappointed that the coordination center for voluntary commitment "wirkt" is no longer financially required by the federal government. Now she’s hoping for a bigger grant from the district office to keep the work going.

Glos wants to stay involved in the areas she has been working in for years. Kitzinger doesn’t want to and can’t accept new challenges anymore. "My resources are exhausted," she says. It’s no surprise that, in addition to the above-mentioned activities, she is also active in the forderverein fastnachtmuseum, the evangelischer frauenbund, as an integration officer in the city marketing association and, since 2019, as a boffin. She is also involved in the working group culture, education and tourism. How she gets it all together? "That can only work if you have full backing at home," she says.

Constitutional medal

Who? The bavarian state parliament honors citizens who are actively committed to the values of the bavarian constitution with the constitutional medal.

Rare honor: this year, the bavarian state parliament awarded the bavarian constitutional medal to 43 individuals. Four times will be awarded the high honor in gold and 39 times in silver. Since 1961, a total of 359 people have received the bavarian constitutional medal in gold, and the constitutional medal in silver has been awarded 1198 times. The constitutional medal is thus the rarest of the state’s decorations.

The ceremonial address this year was given by prof. Dr. Reinhard cardinal marx – himself a holder of the gold constitutional medal – on the subject of "the bavarian constitution – orientation for the future of our state".


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