Greece shocked after murder of left-wing activist

greece shocked after murder of left-wing activist

"We will not allow the epigones of the nazis to poison social life," samaras told tv on thursday. Political differences cannot be solved with violence and certainly not with blood. The activist and rapper pavlos fyssas (stage name "killah P"), who was stabbed to death by a right-wing extremist on wednesday night, was killed in a rally.") was buried at piraus.

In the evening, a rally of trade unions and left-wing groups took place in the west of athens, not far from the scene of the crime. According to the media, a large police force protected the offices of the radical right-wing party "chryssi avgi" (golden morning red), which has been linked to the crime of bloodshed. The meeting passed without significant incidents, unlike the previous evening, when there had been some serious riots in piraus, thessaloniki and the western greek port of patras.

The minister for public order, nikos dendias, requested the prosecutor’s office at the highest court, the areopag, to treat acts of violence of the neo-nazi golden tomorrow red under the law for criminal associations. This may result in much more severe penalties.

The death of the 34-year-old activist had triggered a heated debate about the limits of democracy and the constitutionality of individual parties: a member of parliament from the ruling conservatives accused the opposition alliance of the radical left (syriza) of no longer standing on the ground of the constitution. The second-largest parliamentary party, in turn, accused the conservatives of inflaming the climate for months by equating syriza with the golden dawn.

The far-right party itself denies any involvement in the crime. The 45-year-old, gestandige tater was not even a member of the "chryssi avgi" had been. However, despite this denial, photos and videos are circulating on the internet showing him at party events. The assassination was strongly condemned from the first moment, said a party spokesman in parliament. When syriza wanted to have a minute of silence in parliament on thursday, the "chryssi avgi" joined the motion. The left then withdrew it. The minute of silence was finally made up for in the afternoon, when the "chryssi avgi" faction was absent.

The "chryssi avgi" is a child of the greek financial and economic crisis. In the 2012 parliamentary elections, the former splinter party was catapulted to almost 7 percent and is represented in the 300-seat parliament with 18 deputies. In polls it is currently at 13 percent. The party denies the holocaust. Its members dug with the hitler pit. Repeated attacks on foreigners and political opponents were associated with the party.

At the same time, a wave of strikes paralyzes part of public life in greece. On thursday the two-day strike in the public service came to an end under the motto "permanent fight against the austerity policy. The strike against the planned job cuts mainly affected government agencies and elementary schools, as well as hospitals and the justice system. Other groups, such as high school teachers, will continue to strike until friday at the latest. The trade unions want to decide by the weekend on the further procedure. 15,000 state employees are to be laid off by the end of 2014, 4000 of them this year.


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