Forchheim is overrun by ice planning

Forchheim is overrun by ice planning

In the conference room of the construction office, meter-long tarpaulins hang on the partition walls. As inscrutable as the circuit diagram of a model railroad. "Even for us, it's not easy to understand at a glance", admits gerhard zedler, head of the building authority. It is the route planning for the ICE between forchheim-nord and kersbach that is in question. And the latter makes oberburgermeister franz stumpf (CSU/WUO) involuntarily derail: "da konnt' ich aus der haut fahren" (I could go out of my skin), zurnt stumpf with a view to the long distances that people with disabilities will have to walk to get from the planned commuter parking lot to the new kersbach platform: 700 meters, with a high overhead winding "an impertinence", also comments building authority director zedler.This means that the planning from 1996 has deteriorated: at that time, an underpass was to be built to the other side of the track, with a platform connection and elevators in the middle.

Now the station will be moved to the area north of the road and the access will also be on the north side of the bridge access road. The bus stop is then no longer at the top of the bridge but at the fub of the bridge access road. From the commuter parking lot planned to the west of the tracks, you can reach the bridge via a staircase and then take an elevator down to the platform in the middle of the passageway.
Even more complicated is the description of the route for the handicapped, which was criticized at the beginning: they first have to walk from the parking lot under the bridge, then up a ramp on street level to the bridge, cross it, and then walk down again on the other side, cross the roadway there, and get back onto the bridge on the opposite side, again via a ramp. Only from there, in the middle, the elevator goes down to the platform.

Gerhard zedler explains that the reason why the railroad refuses to build a gangway tunnel is because of the groundwater problem. However, the head of the building authority considers a second elevator at the parking lot, to reach the bridge, to be the most sensible solution..

Brucken becomes the needle's ear
Fundamental problems in planning bring the bridges with them. They have to get crash barriers to prevent cars from crashing onto the ICE tracks in case of accidents. But these partitions will narrow the footpath and bike lane area – by 50 centimeters on each side of the bridge. This will have a drastic impact, especially on the railroad bridge. The pedestrian and bicycle lanes there have just been rebuilt and widened, emphasizes mayor franz stumpf. "We will defend ourselves against a narrowing".

The railroad bridge will have to take up a large part of the traffic between reuth and the city center of forchheim when the piastenbrucke is demolished. A needle's ear: this is not just about normal car traffic but also about emergency vehicles on the way to the hospital, emphasizes stumpf. Trucks from the piasten factory also had to drive across the railroad bridge and through hans-sachs-strabe. Stumpf makes no bones about the fact that there are "major traffic jams" will come: "i assume so", he explains in an interview with our newspaper. Zedler emphasizes that the company will try to build a temporary bridge for pedestrians and cyclists. The traffic artery will be interrupted for one year. Then the demolished bridge element will be replaced by a new arch construction.

As far as the forchheim north stop is concerned, franz stumpf sees a little light at the end of the tunnel, despite the current negative signals from the ministry of economics. 1000 passengers is the magic number. Since the bavarian railroad company (BEG) and the transport association (VGN) arrive at different values, "a common basis for calculation must be created, stresses the oberburg mayor.


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