Bahr defends draft law on assisted suicide

Bahr defends draft law on assisted suicide

"It is not the goal to turn doctors into assisted suicides," bahr told the "passauer neue presse" (monday). The draft law from the FDP-led ministry of justice provides for doctors and nurses to be allowed to support assisted suicide without penalty in exceptional cases. This should always be the case if they have been particularly close to the patient for a long time. Strongly criticized by doctors’ officials and patient protection groups.

Much of the debate is deliberately misunderstood, said bahr. A legal framework should be created "so that euthanasia does not become a business model".

Investment in democracy

Investment in democracy

C ommunal elections are a cornerstone of our democracy. And they don't do it for free. But what do the elections cost municipalities, cities and counties – and thus the taxpayers?? The question is not easy to answer. On the one hand, the costs for the elections of mayors and district councils, municipal councils, city councils and county councils, which take place in bavaria only every six years, fluctuate from time to time. On the other hand, there is also a lot of working time spent by the municipal administrations that is not recorded and reported separately.

In response to a question from the bayerischer gemeindetag (bavarian association of municipalities), it simply says: "there is no statistical data on the costs of municipal elections." Press spokesman wilfried schober explains that most of the costs cannot be attributed to the election because, for example, "the employees in the municipalities are there anyway and are not recruited specifically for the municipal election. They are involved in the preparations for and the conduct of the election during their regular working hours."

Czech government survives fourth vote of no confidence

czech government survives fourth vote of no confidence

After a heated seven-hour debate, 89 deputies voted in favor of the social democrats’ motion of censure instead of the required 101. It was the fourth vote of no confidence against the necas government since it took office two years ago.

The social democrats had based their motion on accusations against finance minister miroslav kalousek. He allegedly tried to influence police investigations against his party colleague and ex-defense minister vlasta parkanova. It is about the allegedly overpriced purchase of four transport planes for the czech army in 2009.

The forest is in great danger

The french woods are in bad shape. This is mainly due to the drought of recent years. Not only spruce monocultures are affected, but also sustainably managed near-natural deciduous and mixed forests that have been taken out of management. Scientific measurements at the forest climate stations (WKS) of the bavarian state forestry institute (LWF) prove this with frightening clarity.

"Normally, the leaves first turn colorful. Now the trees are shedding it while it is still green", gerald ziegmann states. The forest manager kneels in front of one of the ten catch baskets at the forest climate station near schmerb in the ebracher forest, which collect what falls from the trees. Ziegmann wears laboratory gloves and puts leaves, beechnuts and small twigs into a sterile bag, which is sealed before and after the process.

German telecommunications with robust growth thanks to us business

German telecommunications with robust growth thanks to us business

German telecom can continue to rely on its booming business in north america ahead of the targeted billion-euro takeover in the u.S. The U.S. Mobile communications business in particular provided renewed momentum for the dax company.

Despite high costs for staff reductions, telekom also earned significantly more in the second quarter than a year earlier, as the company announced in bonn on thursday. Telekom CEO tim hottges said in bonn on thursday that he was "very satisfied" with the progress of the deal.

Nrw buys another tax cd

Nrw buys another tax cd

In the fight against tax evasion, north rhine-westphalia has apparently paid more money than ever before for a new dataset containing the accounts of several institutions.

According to a report in the magazine "spiegel," it is the most expensive purchase of a tax CD to date, with a price tag of five million euros. According to dpa information, this is data from several institutes and financial service providers. A trading volume of around 70 billion euros is involved, in which the state was defrauded of capital gains tax.

Cycle path network in the Kronach district already covers 330 kilometers

Cycle path network in the kronach district already covers 330 kilometers

Three thalers define the geography of the kronach district. Mountains lie between the talers. And that’s where the difficulty lies – especially for cyclists, says angelika kempf of the kronach district road administration.

All three valleys are easily passable thanks to the extensive network of cycle paths. 330 kilometers of signposted bike paths exist in the entire district. Of course, there could always be more, says kempf. More signposted routes are to be added in the current year. New construction projects underway or in the planning stage. Which projects will be implemented first depends on the list of priorities determined by the district council and on the level of demand.

Eu commission flunks italy’s budget plans

Eu commission flunks italy's budget plans

In a historically unique move, the EU commission has rejected the budget plans of heavily indebted italy and warned of dangers for the entire euro zone.

The right-wing populist government in rome is "openly and deliberately" defying all its commitments, said EU vice-president valdis dombrovskis. Italy’s budget plans represented a serious violation of european stability rules. The right-wing populist government, however, continued to be combative and sees an attack "on the people".