Fire department is integrated into village community

Fire department is integrated into village community

The possenheim fire department looked back on the past year of service in the hall of the burgerhaus and honored two long-serving members.

In his report, chairman erich krautlein recalled the new mlf fire engine purchased the previous year, the arrival of which was delayed and which had to be returned to the manufacturer for rework.

Breathing protection group grows

Commander dietmar adler reported on operations such as the one in hellmitzheim, where his team only had to provide illumination. In addition, technical assistance was required for a burst water pipe, and a trailer fire had to be dealt with, but the fire was prevented from spreading to other parts of the building. He was pleased with the growth of the respiratory protection group, whose importance continues to increase.

Youth warden florian muller regretted the decrease in numbers of the youth group after transfers to the active force, which showed a good participation in training with one new entry.

Commander dietmar adler held the laudation for jurgen adler and katrin ixmeier, who were honored by district fire inspector gunter wilhelm for 25 years of active firefighting service. Wilhelm emphasized that in possenheim, in addition to firefighting service, the village community also pays its dues.

Mayor ludwig weigand thanked the possenheim firefighters on behalf of the city for their reliability at all times and assured them that the city always has an open ear for the needs of its firefighters. Since he is no longer a candidate after 30 years in local politics, he would also like to thank you personally for the work you have done.

District fire chief tobias nahr has only been in office since april 2019 as successor to karl volland. He wished that all deployed forces returned from their missions unharmed. Gunter wilhelm praised the cultural commitment shown by the possenheim firefighters in addition to their firefighting duties, as well as their successful youth work. Praising words also found commandant stefan melber of the iphof fire department


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