Josef demar is a csu candidate for the state parliament

Josef demar is a csu candidate for the state parliament

The 58-year-old demar is expected to join steffen vogel (CSU district chairman in the habberge district) on the state parliament list for the maximilianeum. Thomas habermann, district administrator of the rhon-grabfeld district and candidate for the district parliament, introduced demar to the audience. Demar is since 1997 mayor of the municipality of grobbardorf and thus an experienced local politician with body and soul.

"Demar knows the concerns and challenges of the small district community", according to habermann. Under his leadership, grobbardorf became a model for how a community can tackle the energy transition itself. Grobbardorf was awarded nationwide recognition as a "bioenergy village excellent. Demar comes from an agricultural background, is a trained fitter and works part-time as a project manager at AGRO-kraft in rhon-grabfeld. Demar has long been a leader in the bavarian league team TSV grobbardorf in an honorary capacity.

In his introductory speech, josef demar drew a brief outline of his main focuses. The rural development, to which he pays above all the strengthening of the agriculture, mabnahmen against the demographic development, as well as the implementation of the energy turnaround are a special concern for him.

As a member of the district executive board, vogel was already able to announce that there was broad agreement within the district CSU that josef demar would even be placed third on the lower franconian list and would thus be placed very promisingly after barbara stamm and gerhard eck. Demar is 58 years old, married, has two children and one grandchild.


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