Giant hornets killed at least 42 people in china

giant hornets killed at least 42 people in china

Over the summer and early fall, more than 1,600 people were injured and more than 200 were treated in hospitals, according to the chinese ministry of health in beijing. Why the hornets suddenly attacked so many people was initially unclear.

In summer and early fall, according to chinese media reports, the hornets flew into schools and attacked farmers in their fields. "They went for my head and sat on my legs. I couldn’t move," the farmer mu conghui described an attack near the city of ankang to the official xinhua news agency. For two months, she has been treated in a hospital, including dialysis. She still can not move her legs again.

Bad kissingen golf club prepares for the future

bad kissingen golf club prepares for the future

The golf club bad kissingen has the most important mabnahmen of the "projekt platz 2020" completed. He has now told the press. This is to secure the future of the golf club and the club facilities, it says.

An english head greenskeeper was hired for the new course maintenance structure. Oko-dynamic principles apply. Work on a new irrigation system began in 2016. The bunkers were built according to the english concept with steep walls. The gruns, some of which are already 100 years old, received a new ocological processing concept. The layout of the runways was redesigned to better fit into the park landscape. In the "golf&" project nature" the golf club received the desired silver certificate in may 2018. . In addition, in coordination with the bund naturschutz, bird stands and insect hotels were set up and a stone landscape for small animals was created.

Health insurance companies cheated out of almost 20,000 euros

Health insurance companies cheated out of almost 20,000 euros

The accusations weighed heavily. And they came up twice on wednesday. In room 14 of the district court, the head of a care service provider based in the district had to answer for his actions. Two indictments have been filed, one for withholding pay and one for fraud.

The claim was made in a rough manner. To examine all the evidence, invoices and recollections raised by witnesses should require a second hearing after a decision by ulrike barausch. This led to the separation of the proceedings and the reassignment of the issue of labor compensation. All the more time, therefore, to deal with the allegation of fraud, on which the 41-year-old defendant was to take a stand. It was a matter of incorrectly billed services in the period between november 2014 and january 2016, which were allegedly not provided at several points in time to five sick persons. However, they were offset and recovered from four health insurance companies. According to prosecutor michael koch, the resulting damage amounted to a total of 19,762.68 euros, which the insurers were cheated out of.

The gap between men and women

The gap between men and women

Men and women are equal. This year, our constitution will be 70 years old, and it has been written in the constitution for just as long that no one may suffer disadvantages because of his or her gender. "Equality is enshrined in german law and EU directives", says harald rost. The sociologist has been conducting research at the ifb for over 20 years: the state institute for family research at the university of bamberg is the only scientific organization in germany devoted exclusively to family research. There is a lot to be said for equal rights, for the equality of men and women. It exists. On paper. "There is a wide gap between the norm and reality."

Germany's next top managers?

The reality is that the proportion of women in management positions is only 29 percent, five percent below the global average. Top model shows and wedding shows dominate large parts of the image of women in the media. Secure, highest-paying job prospects for decades to come offered by the "mint-professions: mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology – although germany is the third most important country here after the u.S. And india, only 16 percent of ours are "mint-female talents. This is the criticism of the latest global gender gap report, for which the world economic forum analyzes the gap between the opportunities of men and women every year.