Summer days at the camp

Summer, vacations, camps, what could be better for children and young people?. For 67 participants from all over bavaria this dream became reality. This was made possible by the "faber-nurnberg" team of the federation of the scouts (bdp) and the lions clubs in the districts bavaria-north and -east on a meadow at the edge of the forest on the jurassic plateau between tiefenellern and herzogenreuth.

32 volunteers

The boys and girls, aged between eight and 17, arrived by bus from wurzburg and nurnberg. For ten days they stayed away from home and civilization, they had to organize everything themselves with the help of the 32 volunteer teammates. First the sleeping tents for the new groups had to be set up, but also tents for food, for games, a tea and coffee/cocoa tent, one for the supply of games, for the injured and of course for the cake.
Instead of thunderbolts there were porta-potties, the water was supplied by the litzendorf volunteer fire department with its tanker truck and filled fresh every day into several thousand-liter containers.

Josef demar is a csu candidate for the state parliament

Josef demar is a csu candidate for the state parliament

The 58-year-old demar is expected to join steffen vogel (CSU district chairman in the habberge district) on the state parliament list for the maximilianeum. Thomas habermann, district administrator of the rhon-grabfeld district and candidate for the district parliament, introduced demar to the audience. Demar is since 1997 mayor of the municipality of grobbardorf and thus an experienced local politician with body and soul.

"Demar knows the concerns and challenges of the small district community", according to habermann. Under his leadership, grobbardorf became a model for how a community can tackle the energy transition itself. Grobbardorf was awarded nationwide recognition as a "bioenergy village excellent. Demar comes from an agricultural background, is a trained fitter and works part-time as a project manager at AGRO-kraft in rhon-grabfeld. Demar has long been a leader in the bavarian league team TSV grobbardorf in an honorary capacity.

Forecourt to be redesigned

Forecourt to be redesigned

Christiane reuther the community of oberaurach stands on healthy feet. This was emphasized by mayor thomas sechser at the castle meeting on monday evening at the zenglein guesthouse in oberschleichach. This makes investments possible. The area in front of the blessing hall at the cemetery in oberschleichach is to be redesigned. In this context, a visitor asked for uneven cemetery paths to be removed at the same time.

Before talking about the financial situation of the municipality, sechser recalled the franz schamberger foundation, which was set up just under five years ago with a starting capital of 50,000 euros. The foundation is intended to help enable elderly people to stay in their familiar home environment. In his function as chairman of the foundation, the community leader encouraged the citizens to make active use of the offer.

Off to the Kreuzberg

"Experience pilgrimage with joy – in silence with god", this is the motto of this year’s pilgrimage of the parish of poppenroth. The content of the pilgrimage will be, in addition to praying and singing, also quiet moments to detach from everyday life. Various meditations and songs on the theme of the pilgrimage will be performed. The tradition of their forefathers will be continued by the poppenrother on the weekend of saturday, 8. September, until sunday, 9. September, for the 274th time, according to pilgrimage leader lothar metz.

Origin unknown

The poppenroth crucifix pilgrimage takes place every year after mary’s birth. Nothing is known today about the origin of the pilgrimage in poppenroth. It is only said that the pilgrimage to the cross mountain was praised in plague times. At that time, it was a requirement that at least one person from each family take part in the procession.

Thought leader harari warns of possible power of algorithms

Thought leader harari warns of possible power of algorithms

Israeli author and thought leader yuval noah harari has warned that algorithms could in the future understand people better than they understand themselves.

"Biological knowledge multiplied by computing power multiplied by data results in the ability to hack humans," he said at the "online marketing rockstars" conference in hamburg on wednesday. The algorithms could predict our decisions and behavior and manipulate our desires. "They will know us better than we know ourselves. That’s not impossible, because most people don’t know themselves very well."

Thuringia’s fdp head of government ready to retreat

Thuringia's FDP head of government ready to retreat

After a nationwide storm of protest, thuringia’s minister president thomas kemmerich (FDP), who was only elected to office on wednesday with afd votes, wants to vacate his post again. He wants to clear the way for a new election of the state parliament.

"The resignation is inevitable," said the FDP politician in erfurt after a crisis meeting with FDP leader christian lindner, who had made a special trip to the city. Top representatives of the left-wing party, the SPD and the greens in thuringia called on kemmerich to announce his resignation by sunday. But the FDP man has not yet given a clear timetable.

No team left out

No team left out

"I spent my youth on the main and with the handball players", tells karlheinz menger – and his face is beaming and he looks as if he doesn't want to miss a minute of it. For over 50 years he has been loyal to his club, the gymnastics club 1861 marktsteft, and has already experienced a lot together with them. At the annual general meeting on friday evening he was awarded the golden pin of honor of the association for special merits. "He did a lot as a youth coach for many years, coordinator on the court and helper in the club", said the chairman gunther thorwarth in his laudation.

The 1939 born TV-urgestein from marktsteft remembers gladly old times: "we played in former times handball-grobfeld with eleven men on the place down at the main, that knows today almost nobody more." In his early days at TV, grobfeld handball was played outdoors, later also in the old gymnasium in neubaustrabe (today's reservist home) and after the new building in 1990 in the multi-purpose hall, which belongs to the city. Menger was always there. He played with the schoolboys, in the youth (C-youth for eight years), in the 1st team and in the first team. And 2. Team and with the old men. "Until I was 45 years old, I played as an active handball player", he tells proudly. For eight years, he was also in charge of the old men's team, after which he continued to work as a referee for his club. His position was mainly center forward.