Off to the Kreuzberg

"Experience pilgrimage with joy – in silence with god", this is the motto of this year’s pilgrimage of the parish of poppenroth. The content of the pilgrimage will be, in addition to praying and singing, also quiet moments to detach from everyday life. Various meditations and songs on the theme of the pilgrimage will be performed. The tradition of their forefathers will be continued by the poppenrother on the weekend of saturday, 8. September, until sunday, 9. September, for the 274th time, according to pilgrimage leader lothar metz.

Origin unknown

The poppenroth crucifix pilgrimage takes place every year after mary’s birth. Nothing is known today about the origin of the pilgrimage in poppenroth. It is only said that the pilgrimage to the cross mountain was praised in plague times. At that time, it was a requirement that at least one person from each family take part in the procession.

There are no records in the parish files. This may have been due to the fact that poppenroth was administered by the parish of bad kissingen until 1594. From then on, it belonged to stralsbach as a branch until it became an independent parish in 1794.

Since 1744

The pilgrimage from poppenroth is mentioned for the first time in the church guide of the kreuzberg monastery in 1744. The occasion for this recording was the rough number of pilgrimages arriving at that time.

Parish council chairman alfons schmitt created a pilgrimage book in 1982, which will serve as a chronicle for future generations. Today, an average of 100 to 120 pilgrims take part in the annual pilgrimage.

For this year’s pilgrimage all preparations are already made, the team is ready to go, reports pilgrimage leader lothar metz. Whoever would like to be in the company of a pilgrimage is cordially invited to do so, he continued. Whether young or old from near and far, all are welcome in poppenroth.


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