Lowen are in a tight spot

Lowen are in a tight spot

The project of the lowen exists only since the middle of 2018 and was founded after the bundesliga relegation of the gotha rockets playing in erfurt, to keep professional basketball in erfurt. The managing directors are the former bamberg bundesliga manager wolfgang heyder and florian gut, who was also active in bamberg basketball for many years. Gut also acts as the coach of the team, which this year is not doing as well as expected. Last year’s play-off participant is in last place in the table with 1:12 victories and is already eight points behind the currently saving shore.

For the guests the meeting in strullendorf is therefore already almost the last chance to escape the relegation round. Therefore one looked around in the winter break after verstarkungen, how well after the home defeat against gieben announced: "we examine at present different player profiles. We are talking to several players and will work hard during the winter break to find a strong new signing."

Wanted above all a type of player who should be able to organize and carry the game. There may be more new additions, shortly before the last game, alhassan barrie and anthony watson, who had only been signed before the season, were released because they could no longer or no longer wanted to fully identify with the team. That’s why the coach had just eight players for the gieben game, which was clearly lost 72-92, including 30-year-old newcomer philipp bednarski from bernau at center position.

Gross injury misfortune

Another reason for the sporting misery is closely connected with the injury misfortune. Jungst got it with robert franklin (meniscus) the pivot of the lowen. In addition, tobias bode suffered an eye fracture. So it will be interesting to see which team the thuringians will field and how the possible newcomers are already integrated. The guests will again be supported by many fans who will travel to strullendorf in a fan bus and a few cars, just as the interest of their supporters remains unbroken despite the lousy situation in the league table.

With more than 1,000 visitors per home game, the erfurt team topped the prob sud spectator table by a wide margin. The riethsporthalle was also very well filled in the first leg, which the baunach team won very fortunately 71-69 with a last-second basket by marvin heckel. Maxi kuhle, in particular, was a major headache for the young pikes, the agile point guard scored 23 points and was very difficult to contain.

Not only for this reason, the young pike will not make the mistake of judging the hosts by their position in the table, in many encounters the last team has been at eye level with the opponent, only to break in the final stages.

"We want to start the new year well. Erfurt is not to be underestimated and we are missing a number of players with injuries. But we have to concentrate on our tasks and do the best we can," said head coach mario dug, said head coach mario dugandzic.

Finally, it is important for the baunach team to increase the distance to the relegation places and to get back on track after the defeat in hanau. Especially the support of the home fans has proven to be very important for the young team to enter the game with the necessary energy and aggressiveness..


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