Coburg deficit amounts to 12.6 million euros

Coburg deficit amounts to 12.6 million euros

Nevertheless, the majority of the city council was satisfied with the result yesterday, since the city had planned a deficit for 2012 that was almost twice as high (23.5 million).
But this does not mean that the city had saved eleven million euros in its expenditures: according to all forecasts, it will also earn more in 2013, especially in trade tax. While revenues rose by around 15 million euros compared to the previous year, expenditures went up by around four million euros.
And these increases are not the city’s fault; according to chamberlain wilhelm austen, they are almost entirely due to the levies: both the trade tax and the district levy are rising, so that of the targeted 58.3 million euros in trade tax, only 28.6 million euros remain in the city’s coffers. In addition to spending on day-to-day administration, some 35.7 million euros are also earmarked for investments. This includes schools and daycare centers, but also the purchase of the guterbahnhof land and six million euros for the redevelopment areas of the coburg housing company.
"First consolidations and conscious savings really bear fruit", summed up austen. However, things like wage increases or higher costs for home stays in youth welfare could quickly lead to unforeseen cost increases.


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