Giant hornets killed at least 42 people in china

giant hornets killed at least 42 people in china

Over the summer and early fall, more than 1,600 people were injured and more than 200 were treated in hospitals, according to the chinese ministry of health in beijing. Why the hornets suddenly attacked so many people was initially unclear.

In summer and early fall, according to chinese media reports, the hornets flew into schools and attacked farmers in their fields. "They went for my head and sat on my legs. I couldn’t move," the farmer mu conghui described an attack near the city of ankang to the official xinhua news agency. For two months, she has been treated in a hospital, including dialysis. She still can not move her legs again.

In august, a swarm of hornets attacked an elementary school in the city of nanning in guangxi province. The children ran through the area screaming in panic, teacher li zhiqiang told xinhua agency. He had tried in vain to drive away the insects. 30 people were injured in the attack, 23 of them schoolchildren. However, no one’s life was in danger.

The insects are probably not the usual hornets, but the asian giant hornets, about the size of a thumb, according to the ministry of health. The animals are mostly 3.5 centimeters to 5.5 centimeters long and reach a wingspan of almost 8 centimeters, report zoologists at the university of michigan. When they sting, they inject a poison into their victims that some people are allergic to. In japan, up to 50 people die each year after being attacked by the vespa mandarinia, according to university data.

Huang rongyao of the ankang city forestry department sees a possible cause for the attacks in a two-month heat wave. That made the insects more active. Moreover, due to changes in vegetation, the hornets had spread more into areas populated by humans, he told xinhua. Ten years ago, japanese researchers identified ingredients in cosmetics, for example, as possible irritants for the giant hornets.

The hornets that occur in germany are considered to pose little threat to humans. Their stings are no more dangerous than those of bees or wasps. If you are buzzed by one of the coarse insects, you should stay calm and not lash out, experts recommend.


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