Muller and stamm-fibich: soon at the same table?

Muller and Stamm-fibich: soon at the same table?

She has already set up her two offices. Their employees are hired and trained. SPD member of parliament martina stamm-fibich already has her own apartment, taken over by fellow party member renate schmidt. Actually only one thing is missing: a government.

Which one that will be, grob koalition or a completely different one, the politician can't say yet. She is waiting for the end of the coalition negotiations: "many in the party are very wait-and-see, take a chance, discuss. For me pays, what is written on the paper in the end."

And there should be one word in particular: minimum wage. The same goes for the dual citizenship and temporary work. "You can't campaign and then gradually abandon your promises", finds stamm-fibich.

The upcoming grassroots vote, in which all 458.She is in favor of the idea that the SPD will be able to agree or disagree with the grand coalition with a total of 000 members: "we'll ask our people. In the situation we are in now, this is exactly right." But she doesn't yet know how she herself will vote: "it depends on what's in the coalition agreement. It was certainly never my dream to elect a conservative chancellor."

Two people on the move
She has a good relationship with her former opponent stefan muller (CSU). Even the tough negotiations did nothing to change that. They meet from time to time, so far less in berlin, but more often in the same constituency: "on a personal level, we have no problem at all. He is a sociable person, and I think I am too", stamm-fibich finds. Everyone has their own priorities, their own ideas – according to her, he takes the mission for erlangen-hochstadt just as seriously as she does.

"We understand each other", also confirms stefan muller, who is personally taking part in the coalition negotiations in berlin as deputy parliamentary managing director of the CSU state group. "The coalition talks are naturally a topic there. That's a good way to find out about the mood of the other party, finds muller.

The long-serving deputy is confident that a grand coalition will be formed: "the SPD leadership wants it, we want it, there is no reasonable alternative." Now only the SPD members have to want it. "I hope they see that it's not about the SPD, it's about germany", says muller.

On 17. December the chancellor is to be elected and the federal cabinet sworn in. For the time being, stamm-fibich is going about her work as normal, attending constituency meetings and spending two or sometimes three days a week in berlin. "I don't get bored."


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