Soder’s goal: “one euro a day for the opnv – no matter how long and how often you ride”

Soder's goal: 'one euro a day for the opnv - no matter how long and how often you ride'

Bus and train fares in bavaria’s major cities are to become significantly cheaper according to plans by minister-president markus soder. "Our goal is: one euro per day for the bus – no matter how long and how often you ride per day. Bavaria wants to go new ways in air pollution control and a significant strengthening of the opnv", the CSU politician told the german press agency in munich. From 2030 at the latest, annual public transport passes in munich, nurnberg, augsburg, regensburg and wurzburg are to cost just 365 euros a year.

Opnv-plane in bavaria: soders model is from vienna

The model here is the so-called vienna model, where a 365-euro ticket has been in place since 2012. As in the austrian capital, not only the more than 2.6 million residents in the core zone but also commuters from the entire metropolitan area are to benefit from the new system in the five model regions in bavaria. According to soder, negotiations are already underway with the federal government about the financing. "The federal government calls for the improvement of air purity. However, the free state is making advance payments and is also making a substantial contribution. This is a great chance for the traffic turnaround and will significantly increase the ridership of the opnv."

Traffic offensive: improve quality of life, improve air quality

"We want to implement this from mid-2020", stressed soder. This is a great opportunity for a change in traffic patterns and will increase passenger numbers.

Markus soder in bamberg: heibe eisen at the MGO grill

"The fundamental traffic offensive will not only increase people’s quality of life and improve air purity. This would also be the alternative to driving bans. "Of course, we will also need more aircraft and more capacity. This will require a step-by-step expansion and will take around 10 years before everything is converted."


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